Friday, December 30, 2005

my very favorite part

of my kids are:

Hannah's dimples - to die for! They show complete happiness...and are there even in anger and sadness!

Scotty's feet/toes. When Hannah was born, Scott said she had my feet, but as she gets older, they look less like mine. They are getting narrower, higher arches (arches don't appear till around 4 or 5 anyway) and she has one toe on each foot that curls under, the nail almost touching the ground.

But Scotty...his feet are IDENTICAL to mine. Chubby "big toe", the same gap between the third and fourth toe...and he curls them just like me, although he DOES have one feature from his father...the ability to bring the first and last toes down while the other three stay straight...weird looking, almost as though the first toe is a thumb, lol!

Ah, but I do love them anyway!

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