Sunday, January 01, 2006

Where's Dadd-O?

a take off on Where's Waldo...

The kids were playing with dad...he's so good with them, they just LOVE to play with him. So, he's on the floor with his legs on the couch, and Hannah got down next to him. Then Scotty started piling EVERYTHING on him...pillows, bears, whatever he can find. The fiendish look in his eyes as I caught him stacking a bear on daddy...can you find dadd-o?

(this picture was taken YESTERDAY, 12/31/05, with the full intention of blogging with it, but as luck would have it, I didn't get around to doing it. I had to take Hannah to a birthday party, then go shopping for last minute "oh no, the commissary's closed Sunday AND Monday" stuff. So here it is, a day late.

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