Friday, February 24, 2006


When you read my blog, do you ever read the comments written? You KNOW they're easily accessible, and I KNOW you probably read them!

Do you ever hit the "next" button just to see what follows?

Have you ever read comments on someone's blog that say "Michele sent me" and wondered what that was all about? Well, I have, over and over and over. There's no LINK to Michele, just that "Michele sent me" in such a cryptic message.

So I did the obvious - I searched blogs for "Michele" and amazingly enough, I got THE hit. The site that drives everyone to say "here from Michele's site" or "Michele sent me"...and I'm going to share it...AND I'm going to link it.

The object is a game for her: you leave a comment on HER blog, then go to the blog of the person listed above YOU and comment there, saying Michele sent you. Easy - and people will come and look at your blog! I ended up looking at a bunch of blogs "above" me and commenting there. It's a great way to find half-decent blogs, too!

So, in tribute to "Michele Sent Me" - click on the link to get to her site...then play the game (oh, but you need to have a blog to do it!)


Daydreamer of Oz said...

Hey Linda:
Thanks for visiting me...Your site looks really interesting too (even though Michele didn't send me this time lol)

mar said...

Hi, I saw you at Michele's (lol). I started my blog so that I could play her games! Have a nice weekend, I will look around.

Shannon said...

I like to think of Michele as the traffic cop of the blogging world...
Oh by the way,
here from Micheles!