Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Beauty on the Beast.

One last "all of me" portrait, then I head to SPT to check out the March challenge...gonna be a tough one!

This beautiful butterfly lives in my stairwell (we live in what is called "stairwell housing" which means apartments that have one main entry and all units are off the stairwell...no separate entries). The butterfly has been there for several weeks...yes, he is alive. Slow, but alive. I think the constant cold of winter has slowed his metabolism down such that he can survive without food.

When I picked him up, he walked all over me. I managed to snap his picture just as he walked over my wedding ring...quite a beautiful adornment over my ring, actually!

I was sure the picture would be gorgeous. And I was half right. The BUTTERFLY is gorgeous. But the hand that it sits upon is a beast. I didn't realize how OLD my hands looked. When I look down, this is NOT what I see. But in this picture I can see the crooked fingers (from years of holding a trumpet), the short choppy fingers and nails (to prevent scratching the kids when bathing them). The dry skin...the constantly peeling index finger (I have yet to find a doctor to diagnose the condition for that finger, either). My hand is old...but on that old ragged thing, I hold absolute beauty and perfection.


Deb R said...

I don't think your hand looks bad at all! Very cool pic.

acumamakiki said...

I don't think your hand looks bad although I can TOTALLY relate to feeling that way, esp. when I've seen my 'parts' photographed. It's so amazing to me that I see myself so differently than the camera does.
It's a very cool SPT btw.

SB said...

you're not a beast. You're lovely. There's no one like YOU :) Those are the hands that teach your kids, the hands of a momma. What could be more beautiful? Ask your kids if your hands are beastly. They'll tell you are BEAUTIFUL!

For dry skin, try what I use for Adam, who has severe topical dermatitis. Aveeno for Severe Dry Skin. Put that with some Neutrogena Body Oil (with sesame oil in it!) and you've got a winning dry skin combo. TRUST ME!! If you cannot get them there, I will ship them to you. You'll thank me!!

and by the way, nice rock!

jac said...

i love butterflies. they are so graceful and beautiful. nothing at all wrong with your hands! of course, we all hate something about ourselves. i'm not all that fond of my hands with the crepe-y dry skin. i'm gonna try what SB suggested since i've tried everything else.
thanks for stopping by my site and commenting. i'm glad you came by!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Here from Michele this early A.M. And that Butterfly is very very beautiful....I love that he lives in your stairwell....Amazing. O know very little about the life-span of a butterflies and in fact, I don't know all that much about them other than that, except they are so incredibly beautiful! Great photograph, too!

Smoke said...

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