Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Abundantly Blessed

And THEN some...

It's always amazing how God puts the right people in your life at the right times. Blessings from God when it comes to friends are some of the best things you can get. Suzanne is one of those really cool blessings that comes along when you least expect it.

I "met" Suzanne, oh, several years ago now. Right around the time Scott became a Warrant Officer, or shortly after. She was on a yahoo group I belonged to. I left the group a while later, and lost touch with her. Then I joined another group, a military scrapbooking group, and there she was again. She remembered me from the last time, and we discovered that we had a lot more in common than just our husbands' jobs (Greg is a Warrant Officer Bandmaster/Conductor, too!). We now had scrapbooking...oh, and stamping, too! We both eventually left that group as well, for pretty much the same reasons. But we managed to keep in touch so much more this time. And it seems like every day, we discover a little more about what we have in common.

And it truly has been a blessing. When you ask someone to pray for you, you HOPE they do...but I know that if I ask Suzanne, she WILL raise me up in prayer. I sent her some German tea (once I found out she was a tea drinker). She followed up with a Stampin' Up stamp set for me. I countered with the mug I was SUPPOSED to send the first round (but couldn't find), and some chocolate. So Suzanne, who says, "no good deed goes unpunished", sent me yet another blessing.

It started with a CD. We were talking music and iPods (she has one, I don't), and she offered to give me a gift of music. This expanded into some chipboard letters...and some other goodies she had...oh, and did I need ANYTHING? "Yes, envelopes, please"...and those were there too...and SO much more. Hard to explain. Hard to catch my breath between ooohs and aaaahs! But wait, there's another box on the way she says!

Here's the blessing I got from her. Time to thank God yet again!


Angela said...

Wow! Now that's a pal, right there! I have a friend that sends me boxes of books she thinks I'll like once she's finished with them. It's always so thrilling to see a box in the mail from her!

Michele sent me.

SB said...

you make me all goofy and warm, Linda.....Your friendship is a blessing. I know this and I like to reward that in people.

I am glad to know ya!!


The Carneal Family said...

What a wonderful friend you have! You are both truly blessed.


Sue said...

I know I just talked to you but this is really cool Linda. I know that friendships like this really matter so I am happy for you.

Da Boogs said...

What an awesome friendship you two have! They say that you can count your true friends on one she's one of them!

Hugs to you!!


Robin said...

That looks like Christmas in a box! I'm here from Michele's today...thanks for sharing the gifts :)

My float said...

How lucky you both are to appreciate each other so much. People like that are few and far between.

Viamarie said...

What a blessing...your friendship.

Btw, Michele sent me today.

Anonymous said...

Wow... a blogger in Bavaria.. how cool is that.... Here from Michele's.

Maggie said...

Great gift seems like you have a good start to create a scrappage.
Have a great weekend
Via Michele

chelle said...

wow....friends are amazing!!
Michelle says Hi!

Im Chele In [dot] LA said...

Great friend..
Over from the other Michele's

Maryanne said...

Hi there, first time visitor here. Great Blog. My sister-in-law and I have a relationship like this. It's so awesome and fun. I thank God for her everyday.

Gypsy said...

Gift boxes, and the friends who send them, are so wonderful.

I'm here from Michele's, and thanks for the comment.

barbie2be said...

that is so sweet of her! you two are lucky to have such a connection. i gifted my best friend with peanut butter m&m's tonight when i showed up to watch her son as i do every other friday night and you would have thought it was gold from fort knox with how excited she was. :)

here from michele's tonight!

surcie said...

That is so thoughtful and generous. It really is amazing how you two connected.

utenzi said...

Michele sent me to see you, Linda. With bruchetta, no less.

I'm too much of a guy, Linda. While I certainly can appreciate the thought behind these gifts the two of you have been exchanging--I keep thinking where are the blinking lights and remote controls. I guess only toys appeal to me but it's lovely that the two of you can connect on such a strong level, Linda.

Kathy Young said...

YOWZA! What a great scrapping gift. Ooogobs of great stuff! Have a ball with it. You two gals are what friendship is all about. Thoughtful gifts and wonderful sharing of thoughts and cares.

Kathy in northern Maine

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