Tuesday, March 21, 2006


It's bedtime...I've put the boy to bed (he's easy!), and work on Hannah.

We do the whole routine: read a book, tell a pretend story (generally, it's about something she is doing or has done during the day, so she enjoys these stories), then we do "stuff" - a hug, a kiss, nuggle, nuggle nuggle (eskimo kisses), flutter, flutter, flutter (butterfly kisses, on each cheek), then I blow her a kiss, she blows one to me, we "catch" them an put them in our hearts. Then I sing "Good night, sleep tight" and she sings "don't let the bedbugs bite", generally in some silly fashion, with different tunes and rhythms every night. Then, music on, lights off, and bedtime.

*** Side note ***
Lately, we've added: drawing a small heart on our hand, putting a kiss on it, and blowing it away...then drawing a BIG heart in the air, putting a kiss in it, and pushing it out the window, while saying "goodnight, daddy....love you!"

*** back to our story ***

So...the phone rings - it's Nadia, confirming our lunch date for tomorrow afternoon. We have been chatting for about 10 minutes (as long as Hannah's been in bed), when Hannah comes out and says, "I can't sleep." I tell her to go back and try some more. She says, "I HAVE tried and TRIED, but can't." (remember, it's only been 10 minutes!). So I tell her to go back, I'll be back there in a few minutes.

Nadia and I chat for a few minutes more, then I hang up and head for Hannah's room. The door is slightly ajar (due to reasons beyond our control, the door to her room is REALLY hard to close and must be slammed from the inside, so she has learned to just leave it open if she comes out after Scotty's bedtime). I walk in and say "okay, what's up, why can't you sleep?"...to a completely passed out little girl. SERIOUSLY! It was less than 5 minutes after she came out. She's out like a light - dead to the world. So out of it that she never hears me come in and talk to her.

Kids can be so funny!


Paige said...

Bed times can be so sweet. thanks for coming by my place.

rennratt said...

How adorable! Noozie likes to try and stall - but she says things like 'My tired is gone!'

Sue said...

I loved hearing that story :) -- I can just picture it happening -- you do know that YOU used to be like that too right? LOL -- you would want to stay up and seconds later -- down for the count!!

Finn said...

My son does the same thing!

Hi - I'm here via Michele today!

Sandy said...

LOL! What, did you put my two to bed last night. ;) I so can identify with this.

By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I did 'get it.' :)

Da Boogs said...

Kids are so sweet that way. Your routine sounds nice...similar to ours.

On your previous post...love the hair!!!

Hugs to you, and thanks for the comment about my mom. :)

Carmi said...

She sounds like she's been reading from the same playbook as our son. Bedtime had become as complex an endeavor as chess.

But that moment when he finally fades into sleep is absolutely magical. I wouldn't trade the entire experience for anything.