Sunday, March 05, 2006

Silly Hat!

Today is SILLY HAT day at AWANA. I was looking for a hat I liked to wear when I skiied, but couldn't find it. Hannah needed a silly hat to, we made a flowerpot hat for her! The "pot" is black fun foam, sized to her head and painted with acrylic pants. I put a small paper plate on the inside to keep it from slipping all the way down, and to give a base to put in the "dirt" which was brown yarn. We then cut out and decorated flowers...there are flowers with golf and tennis ball centers, flowers with frogs and butterflies, and the lovely snowflake flower you see. my favorite is the daisy with the "Jesus Loves You" center sticker!

As you can see, Hannah looks adorable in her silly hat! We had fun making it too! Now, to go study the verse for the day. "God loves us and sent his son"....Hannah's pretty good with learning them, but then forgets right away. We need to work on that!


SB said...

that is one seriously AWESOME hat! said...

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