Friday, April 07, 2006

Linda needs...

I am blatantly stealing this from my friend Suzanne's blog. You go to Google, type in YOUR name and the word needs, and see what comes up. It's hilarious. Here are some of my "greatest" needs:


Linda needs:

- your help now
- to be a part of a loving, committed marriage
- as much free space at the front of the platform as possible
- to provide a fast response to customer needs
- to have one program for capturing customer data
- to be bright
- a new best friend
- some help with her appearance
- YOU!
- to be gone after
- a table for props and preferrably a lapel mike
- to make the most out of life
- to do a reverse of her ill fortune
- to charge less each month
- to be motivated
- to write a report based on this list
- our help
- to grow up and accept responsibility for her actions
- to drop by home and pick up her Congo drum to be refaced

So, as you see - I have lots of NEEDS! As I got into page 3 and 4 of Google, the terms were no longer together.

Try YOUR name and see what happens...if you post it on your blog, let me know so I can go read it!


Paige said...

Mine said
I needed sensitivty training
2nd: a touchdown
3rd: something "big" to happen
I think if I had sensitivty training I would not get a touch down, but I'm sure a touch down would lead to something "big"
very funny. Thanks for coming by my place

SB said...

Your list is MUCH funnier than mine. I always knew the name "Suzanne" was truly boring.....

which begs the next question, if you could give yourself a new name, what would it be?


Canadian Dude said...

Hey... I tried that once... I have an usual first name.... got some weird results.


Canadian Dude said...

BTW... I finally found Bamberg on the map....FYI..I spent the first 5 years of my life in Ulm.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A forum
More time
To know his stars will stick around
To fire a long time employee
the additional income
the loading bay for his van

Michele sent me here

craziequeen said...

Hi, a little bird tells me you wer skipped at Michele's.... :-((

I tried that Google thing and it never worked, but I like my current post so much I'm leaving it up for a couple of days :-)


Pearl said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

I did this fun meme too. My results are here:

Lisa said...

THis one cracked me up: "to drop by home and pick up her Congo drum to be refaced" Too funny! Michele sent me today!

Da Boogs said...

I did 'Louise's needs' and put it in my blog, and basically copied what you said...too funny!

Hugs to you!


Karen said...

Gosh, this would require way too much work on my part, so I'll just tell you that I don't need much. Except today I need clean laundry. I can't even imagine what Google would say that I need. ;-)

Here via Michele's. Have a great day.

Fitèna said...

Says for me:
1. Moi needs to make my new life work, and the region. TRUE
2. Moi tells Sadia, the Women’s Health worker that I have been raped. ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE.
3. OMG
4. OMG

All my namesakes seem to be in one tragedy or another. Really. I thought I'd be stealing this too. I just changed my mind.


PS: Thanks for dropping by from Michel's!

Sharlene said...

Linda, what a fun idea!

Sharlene needs:
to broaden her mind a little more,
to learn how to update,
to be released today,
really, really, really needs to get Rhapsody,
the attention,
and bird cages

It's Joanne said...

Too funny - Joanne needs:
1. to become more tolerant, especially of emotions
2. some adult company (!)
3. to have her work exhibited in London
4. to reassess situation with Calibration (??????)
5. 5ml of oil to stir-fry some vegetables
6. scientific evidence
7. to lay off Joe Paterno NOW!!