Thursday, April 20, 2006

On a Wonderful Day Like Today...

There's a song that has those words in it...whenever I'm very happy, this song comes to mind. I heard it SO long was back in '82, when we had moved to New Britian and one of the choral groups sang it for the spring concert...and it STILL sticks in my mind.


From the London show"The Roar Of The Greasepaint - The Smell Of The Crowd" (1965(Leslie Bricusse / Anthony Newley)

On a wonderful day like today; I defy any cloud to appear in the sky.
Dare any rain drop to plop in my eye; On a wonderful day like today.
On a wonderful morning like this; When the sun is as big as a yellow balloon,
Even the sparrows are singing in tune; On a wonderful morning like this.

On a morning like this I could kiss everybodyI'm so full of love and goodwill.
Let me say furthermore I'd adore everybody
to come and dine; the pleasure's mine and I will pay the bill

May I take this occasion to say
That the whole human race should go down on its knees.
Show that we're grateful for mornings like these.
For the world's in a wonderful way - On a wonderful day like today!

Well, it surely is a wonderful day today. I took the kids out to ride their tricycles today. Hannah's had one for several years, thanks to the neighbors across the street in Georgia - it's a real Radio Flyer trike, and Hannah's enjoyed it for awhile. She'd been asking to go out and ride, but I was reluctant because there was nothing for Scotty to do, and he just isn't nimble (or big) enough to ride her trike or the little 4 wheeler we have.

But, as luck would have it, I was able to acquire a tricycle (of sorts) for him. I say acquire loosely. People here are always moving and getting rid of stuff. They leave perfectly good items down at the recycle center (this weekend was a bonanza for the mega-dumpster-divers; there were SEVERAL pieces of furniture, lots of electronics and rugs). Well, one of our neighbors decided to throw this plastic tricycle away. If you have a child under 6, you've probably seen this around. It starts off as a rocker, with an adjustable piece that becomes a handle when you want to push the kid around on the trike. It's all plastic, with pedals AND a place to rest your feet. Well, this one didn't have the rocker/handle part...and it was NOT in the dumpster, but sitting right by it. I asked if it belonged to anyone and someone said no, they saw it had been thrown out with other things. So I looked it over. In excellent condition, clean, barely used. I took it home and cleaned it up a bit more (doesn't hurt to put some Fantastik to work) and let Scotty have at it.

What a blast the kids had this morning. We went out around 9:30 or so, and they rode around for a good bit. We then took a walk with the jogging stroller (also acquired the same as above) and went to Scott's office for a bit. Came back home, ate lunch and went back out for some more bike Hannah's at school and Scotty's taking a well deserved nap.

So what if the housework didn't get done? So what if Scotty's wearing a purplish-pink helmet? And so what if Hannah had to wear a ball cap under MY helmet to get it to fit? We had fun outside playing and we're happy that the day is gorgeous!


SB said...

housework will wait.
kids WILL NOT.


Sue said...

OMG -- I remember the concert in question :) -- I still have a cassette recording of it somewhere LOL. Glad you were able to enjoy the kids -- that is most important :)

Sue said...

I'm gonna get you my pretty (says Scotty to Hannah on the last picture) too adorable

Robin said...

Looks like a great day! I was going to ask how you got your kids into Jail (first pic, lol!) I'm here from Michele's...enjoy these days, I'm sure you know how brief they are (sigh--mother of 12,14 and 18 yr olds)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Love your day and LOVE that song, too! Great pictures and I can't believe that plastic bicycle was in the dumpster! What a find! Both kids look like they are having such a great great time! Who needs housework? (lol)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

OOOOPS! Forgot to say I am here from Michele's this A.M.!

Karen said...

Wow, you are a GREAT mom! You are so right to forego the housework. Way to go, Linda! Hope your weekend continues to be wonderful...

Here via Michele's!

Sandy said...

Oh I love this! what a wonderful set of photos of what was clearly a fantasic day. Sometimes those simple ones are the best ones.

Carmi said...

I love the look of unadulterated joy on a playing child's face. You've so captured the magic of a great day. Thanks so much for bringing a smile to my face in the process.

Aginoth said...

Looks like they are having a whale of a time :o)

Michele sent me

Thx for coming to my blog :o)

Christy said...

Hasn't the last 2 days just been gorgous! We spent a great deal of our time the past 2 days outside! I love it!

Great pictures! Isn't it amazing what some people get rid of!

art-sweet said...

Hello, Michele sent me!

Valderbar said...

What joyful pictures!