Friday, April 14, 2006

Weird facts...Tag!

I've been tagged by Maryanne who's asking me to reveal six weird facts about myself and then tag six more people. This was fun...but tough for me. I couldn't find REALLY weird things about me, lol! (although I'm sure some of you who KNOW me could suggest more!) Here goes:

1. I can't sleep with both of my feet tucked into the covers at night. At least one foot has to be sticking out.
2. I love eating canned spinach. I heat it up, drain the liquid, add lots of butter and salt. I'm the only one in my house who eats it!
3. I can make this weird clicking sound with my tongue that is unique - I can click the entire William Tell Overture!
4. I can pick up coins with my mouth...bent over backwards!
5. I have a rectangular shaped birthmark on my left shin, just below my kneecap; I was told it was because my mom craved chocolate bars when she was pregnant with me.
6. When I was pregnant with Hannah, my biggest craving was CELERY! I used to eat a bunch of celery every two days.

Now I'm tagging: Suzanne, Susan, Lisa Berry, Louise M., Annette, and the next person who reads my blog and comments!


Maryanne said...

Thank you so much for playing. You have a great list, I knew there was a reason I liked you and your blog. Hail to our Weirdness! Have a great weekend!

Kismet said...

Hi, dropped in via Michele.
Have a great weekend.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Here from Michele this A.M. Linda...I have done that one quite a while ago...I don't even remember what I wrote! (lol)
I loved your things...Especially the Spinich!

Pearl said...

Ooh, tricky, now I don't know whether to comment or not from Michele's. It could be fun to do this meme. Early next week I'll see what I can dredge up.

Never knew they canned spinach. Bet it tastes fairly different from frozen.

Dear AL said...

You sound perfectly normal to me, Linda. I also eat heated can Spinach, while it's still in the can.

My float said...

Bending over backwards?? That's fantastic! I don't think I could do that as a kid, let alone now! Must invest more time in yoga :)

I'm the same with my feet in the covers!

Thanks for visiting me today.

grody jo-dee said...

slap some peanut butter on that celery, and you pretty have my whole 2nd pregnancy cravings covered! that and apples with peanut butter.