Saturday, July 22, 2006

finally settling in...

we hope.

We have found a place to call home. It's a gorgeous, roomy 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom (yes THREE full baths) duplex on the west edge of town, behind Target (which is Suzanne's favorite store, lol). There's an extra room that we'll be able to make an office/craft room/den so that makes it better. It's got a 2 car garage with lots of storage space. We'll be happy here.

Downsides: No yard...meaning, no swimming pool (wanted to get one of those small Intex pools for the kids), no swingset, and not much place to ride bike or play outside. There's some green space, but I'm not sure if we are allowed to "use it" meaning, I don't know if it's community space or private...we're going to ask. We'll just have to go to the park alot.

Our household goods will be delivered on the 1st of August, and shortly after that, I'll have permanent computer access, so I'll be posting pictures of our house, and pictures taken during the last part of our trip.

We went to the Sunset Zoo today, to kill time (while our room was being cleaned, lol). It's a quaint little zoo. Because it's quite warm, the animals were mostly snoozing, but we were blessed to see the Snow Leopard with two little ones! How sweet they were! We also got to pet a VERY LARGE snake - Scotty was totally inthralled with it...but most of the time, he just wanted to push his stroller around.

Only a few more days in the hotel, a week without computer access, and then life will begin to normalize once again. Thank GOD!


Christy said...

That's a really nice area. There's a lot of parks there so even if you don't end up with a yard it's nice you'll have plenty of places to stil go to. The zoo is definately quaint, but it's pretty cheap and had we stayed we would have gotten the family pass (it's I think $50.00 for the year). When you go on post, our favorite park is Engineer Park, across the street from the hospital and Shoppette. You can go up into the train, the boys loved it! Oh I love Manhattan, one of my favorite places. I went to K-State, love that campus. It's beautiful, easy place to walk around and right now is definately the perfect time since school's out for about another month! Beware on Saturday's once football season starts, Sethchild is one of the main roads to get to the stadium!! You're in WILDCAT COUNTRY NOW, time to go get some BEAUTIFUL Purple Clothing!

rennratt said...

Glad to see that you found something that isn't scary! One of my best friends lives about an hour from you...Christy's right. Stock up on the PURPLE!

Lisa said...

What a relief! You must feel like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders. It sounds like a great place. As far as the yard issue, we have the same deal. But we do walk to the park a lot, and it works! :-)
Michele sent me today!

Karnov said...

I like backyards. We have an above ground pool at our house when we moved in in November. I set it up this spring and we have only used it twice >_<. So much for that. I would say we should get rid of it and get a hot-tub, but i don't think we will get much use out of that either. Yay for 12 hour working days.