Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Our new home

Here are some pictures of the inside. The battery on my camera died as I was taking pictures, so you only get the living room, Scotty's room and Hannah's door for now. Door? Yeah, door.

You'll see why!

These are the living room shots. Nice deck off the LR. The entertainment center is IN FRONT of the fireplace - we're not big on these, and it's a gas powered "fake" so why bother burning gas for no reason. Turned off the pilot, turned off the gas and gained wall space. The picture above the TV seems crooked because of the slant in the ceiling, so don't tell me it's off - we put a LEVEL on it, for crying out loud!!! (and if you're wondering - it's a panoramic view of Pittburgh's Point - the Three Rivers area, before they blasted the stadiums)

Scotty's room. Not much to see here. Typical baby room. It will soon be changing though, as we eventually get a bed for him (keeping him in that crib for as LONG as I can - he hasn't tried to climb out YET!). The walls have Blue Jean Teddy on them - the greatest things; they're wall "stickers" made by Priss Prints. They are removable and reusable. We used them in Scotty's room in Georgia. We didn't put them up in Germany, as we had textured walls (think popcorn ceiling texture!). But they went up here without a problem!

Now then...Hannah's room. We used to have Pooh and friends on the walls. But Hannah's growing up. Not even Dora ranks really high anymore (boy that was quick - she was all into Dora last year!). The non-girly girl who refused to wear dresses and skirts except for church, and only under extreme duress...the girl who never played dress up and who abhors dolls...she's a TINKERBELL nut. TOTALLY. She could sit and watch the Peter Pan DVD over and over (thanks Auntie Sue for finding this!).

So, like any good mommy, I searched for Priss Prints for HER room. Found them at Berlin Wallpaper. You can get almost ANYTHING in these. Good old mommy, she picked up two different kinds of wall stickers. But the effect was PERFECT.

I did the walls...I did the BATHROOM wall, and added some to the mirror there. I put some on her dresser mirror. And I did the door. SO cool. But...since the camera battery died just as I was taking pictures of her room, all I got was the door. So here you go!

Coming soon - The REST of the house - I promise...outside and all!


Sue said...

Cute -- can't wait to see it live and in person :)

SB said...

that door is too cute and you're home looks lovely......but is the guest room ready for my visit??

Tell me what size Hannah wears? The Wal-Mart one town over has the embroidered Tinkerbell jackets for like $9.97. A GREAT back to school deal. Tell me her size and I'll get it (if they still have any left)....