Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why would someone do this???

Yesterday, I took Scotty and Alyssa (my friend's daughter) to a playground on post after dropping Hannah and Ashlyn (Alyssa's sister) off at Vacation Bible School at a post chapel. As I got there, another car pulled up and a young woman got out with 2 girls, about 3 and 1 (if that). I was busy watching the kids so I didn't pay much attention to the other woman. She came over and started to chat with me a bit.

First she tells me that she's a newlywed. "Oh," I say, "how long have you been married?". She replies, "One week." Now...I take a bit of notice of her and she's wearing low-rise jeans, a cropped tank top, and her belly's hanging out...and it's QUITE obvious that she is pregnant. big deal. I don't generally pass judgement on things like that.

More conversation follows. She informs me that the 2 kids are NOT hers, she's just watching them for a bit. Like I couldn't tell...she let the one year old climb up the stairs of the playset (marked ages 5-12, by the way) and the kid was about to tumble down the HUGE tunnel slide. She finally got off her duff and chased up the stairs before the baby went down. She then let her crawl in the dirt - not on grass, but pure dirt...I SURE wouldn't let that happen with someone else's child, especially if I didn't know them all that well!

She asks my age...and I tell her I'm probably old enough to be her mother. She says "yeah right"...then I ask HER age...she's 21. Yup...I could have had her at 18. And I say so. She then tells me proudly about her sister having a child at 14. OY!

Okay, more conversation about FRG's (Family Readiness Groups), and she mentions that she's pregnant. I say, "Yeah, I sort of figured you were." It's not like she was trying to HIDE it or anything...and do you know what she did????

SHE FLIPPED ME OFF! SHE JUST WHIPPED HER FINGER UP AT ME! She does NOT know me, and she got all offended by something that was QUITE obvious due to the lack of appropriate clothing! I was flabbergasted...I had NO idea what to say. Now, I could have gotten all Holier-Than-Thou on her, but I was in such shock at the idea that she felt she could do this in front of me and kids (and then she said some pretty nasty words that I will NOT mention on this blog, thank you).

I did what I normally wouldn't do...I ignored it...with a little side comment of, "Hey, now...". I wouldn't be using that in my day to day conversations with people I didn't know. I might have years ago, but it wasn't in conversations, it was mostly during driving (still working on that issue).

She asked me if I knew any place that was hiring (uh...yeah, just DRIVE around Manhattan, KS and you'll see all the help wanted signs...but better hurry, the college kids are arriving and they'll snap up those jobs), since she couldn't do her job anymore because she was pregnant. I inquired as to her previous vocation. "I'm a stripper," she says proudly. I say NOTHING. (If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all)

She chatted with me a bit more and the car finally came to pick her back up...then I notice her tank top - it has writing on it (her hair was covering it most of the time)...and it says "Satan has feelings too" Well, that tells me a LOT, so I don't think I'll be calling Miss Stephanie up anytime soon and inviting her over for coffee or tea...not a CHANCE!

Still reeling from that whole experience!


Anonymous said...

Well holy wow. I can't believe it. People are just amazing. Keep in mind we are at the end of the Full Moon cucle and things should (fingers crossed!) calm down over the next day or two. Beware of the playground, I say!

rennratt said...

Oh. My. Lord. Some people just defy explaination, don't they?

SB said...

I am stunned just READING about it. I think you showed great restraint.

Sue said...

Linda, you are a much nicer person than me...I would have told her "very politely" that if she didn't want to LOOK pregnant than she should dress differently...not better just differently -- but then when she asked about the work....I would have told her not to bother looking LOL I am a mean biotch like that. And I agree with the full moon comment -- brings them ALLLLL out.

Christy said...

Ok one..what playground were you at? Remember I can actually picture everywhere you're at! LOL

Second I bet I know where she USED to work! On Grant Ave.! LOL Amazing how many lonely soldiers will marry a girl who has no morals and has no problem selling her body, and then is stunned when she cheats on him with half of the base later on. Ok so we only know of one of Chad's soldiers that happened to...the other one that married a girl who stripped, ended up getting out of the "profession" going to college, and has put her ugly past behind her, and gave her life to Christ.

Now see you're nicer than me, I so would have called her out on her inappropriate language and behavior, to me and especially in front of the kids.