Thursday, September 07, 2006

dumb blogger...

ate my last post! and it was SO nice, too... Well, I'll try again.

It was titled: Gone to the dogs

On Labor Day, we decided to take a trip to a small town called Abilene. Abilene is the location of Dwight D. Eisenhower's childhood home, as well as his Presidential Museum and Library. But that was not the goal of our trip that day. Scotty's not yet a museum type of kid. That would have been a disastrous trip, to say the least.

We decided instead to go to the Greyhound Hall of Fame and Museum. They advertise their HOF by saying come and pet the retired greyhounds. Thought that might be interesting.

As soon as we got to the door, we were greeted by Chig. Scotty went right up to him and started rubbing on him, "Oooooh, doddy!" (that's doggy in Scotty-speak)...Chig responded by giving him a solid lick on the chin. Remember, these are greyhounds...about as tall as Scotty is! Piper (I THINK that's his name, but can't really remember) came up next, and would have knocked Scotty on his can, he was that much bigger. But instead, he gave a few licks and headed on his way. Abby was on the "throne", a raised platform area with cushy pillows. She chose to stay there and wait for us to come to her. And we did.

Abby on the platform, along with Chig (below)....and Hannah and Abby.

We then headed in to visit the rest of the building. It wasn't anything spectacular, by any means. Quite boring, unless you're a greyhound racing fanatic; this place would be awesome for you! But Scotty was enthralled with all the dog stuff...trophies, pictures, racing videos. We made it through without any whining. We then headed back out and the kids went back to Chig and Abby and loved on them for a bit.

The kids petting Abby on the "throne"

When it was time to head out, Scotty didn't want to go. "Nooooo...'tay, pet doddies". We told him it was time to say goodbye to the doggies. Say goodbye to Chig and Abby..."bye-bye, 'Tig" (pat, pat, pat), "bye-bye, Beebee" (pat, pat, pat). And then, he managed to walk out WITHOUT so much as a temper tantrum.

Scotty and Chig

After his nap that afternoon, I went to get him out of the crib...his first words were, "Go bye-bye, pat doddies?". When I told him no, they were too far away, he said to daddy. "No go pat fah". And he sighed.


SB said...

love that picture on the bottom. Too sweet. Does this mean you're getting a dog?

Berry Patch said...

How cute! Them 2 year olds can certainly get their point across can't they? J speaks almost non-stop - literally! - and I can understand him about 90% of the time. What a neat hands-on musueum too! :-) ~Lisa B.