Tuesday, November 07, 2006


If you're an American citizen, I hope you're registered. Go exercise the right that so many soldiers have died for...your right to VOTE.

Unfortunately for me, I was not able to register in time to vote in this election...my fault, totally. My Georgia drivers licence expires next month, and being the kind of person I am, I choose to run things to their very limits before giving them up (call me a procrastinator, I consider it getting my moneys' worth).

But man, oh, man...I am FED UP with the political mudslinging that has been going on all over the place. It's been terrible. There was even a political ad here that had someone's campaign poster with actual MUD being thrown at it (okay, in all honesty, it looked more like fresh cow patties at first glance). Bottom Feeder Politics...that's been a buzzword around here.

Quite frankly, while I am conservative in my beliefs, I will vote for the person who will protect my husband and his military career. I don't want the guy who wants to cut salaries, benefits and other things. ALL our military, whether they be fighting the war in Iraq and Afghanistan or here at home, deserve to be taken care of. My only wish is that Donald Rumsfeld resign from his position right now.

So - get out and vote!

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rennratt said...

You got your wish! Yay!