Thursday, November 09, 2006


My kids are eating a healthy lunch (well, as healthy as the picky eaters can have). They are having peanut butter and grape jam on 100% whole wheat bread, an apple, and a 2% skim string cheese.

Of course, Picky 1 (the big girl) only wants HALF a sandwich. Easily piece of bread folded in half with just the right amount of pb and j.

Picky 2 wants a WHOLE sandwich, minus crusts.

Both Picky 1 & 2 do not like peels on the apples, so I have to peel it, then core it and slice it. (I need an apple CORER, not the corer-slicer that I have, just the corer....). Because Picky 1 wants hers in slices, and Picky 2 wants his in CHUNKS.

Picky 1 doesn't drink milk, so she wants water. Picky 2 finishes his milk cup WAY before his lunch and demands more "baba" - in this case, the term baba means MILK, not cup or bottle.

And me? My lunch most often consists of apple peelings and pb&j bread crusts, with leftover cold coffee from the morning. But hey, it's HEALTHY...right?


Sue said...

OMG -- you crack me up --

SB said...

I get apple peels too. I have grown to like them.


Shephard said...

Love that you are helping your kids eat healthy. :)

Michele says hello!