Tuesday, December 05, 2006

holiday pictures

I've been trying to get some pictures taken for Christmas cards (still in the process of making these, so those of you expecting them, please be patient!)

I ended up with a lot of good shots, and thought I'd share them here. These are some of the shots I really like.

I took one of Scotty outside playing, because I didn't have one of him to send out along with Hannah's school picture. I took the others on Saturday, with my Kodak Easyshare CX4310 digital camera - it's 3 years old and I think it does the job!

Anyway - enjoy my early Christmas present to you!


SB said...

great pictures. I mean it: GREAT! I love those Christmas lights ones. Too cute.

Laurie said...

GOD! The Christmas light ones are the BEST!!!! Trust me....I'm a photographer on the side.....didn't know that did ya???

I think a card with Scotty and Hannah and the lights is PERFECT!!!!

Christy said...

Very cute!! Email me your address would ya...I'm sure you have once or twice, but well I need it now! :) Promise to add it to my address book this time!

V said...

I LOVE THOSE LAST 2!!!! I'm copying you, do you mind??

It brought tears to my eyes!!

Sue said...

I am officially in love!!!