Monday, December 11, 2006

A King is Coming!!!

The setting: Westview Community Church, 8:00 a.m. Sunday, Sanctuary, front and center

Imagine, if you will...a young man, carrying a newspaper and hollering, "Extra, Extra...READ ALL ABOUT IT! A king is coming!!!!"

Then, a mass of children run from their seats and onto the stage....and begin singing.
It's gonna be the very best Christmas, we've ever seen around here....

You're All Invited to the Social Event of the Year!

It brought tears to my eyes. My little Hannah, who never wanted to be in front of people, up on stage, singing and dancing and having a BLAST! Her name in the program...her eyes on God.

This will be a very PHOTO-HEAVY post...but I have to share.

The story is that the town of Rumors Mill finds a sign that says A King is Coming...and they begin to speculate about the king who will come to their little town.

The mayor is a secret Elvis impersonator...and his thought is that the King of Rock and Roll is coming to town:

The King of Rock 'n Roll

But the social and cultural committee believes it's another king:

Egyptian King

Yet another faction of the little town believes it is not the musical king, a king long dead...but the mighty King of the Jungle - a big APE!!!!

Oh, oh, oh way-oh.
King of the Jungle!!!!

Now, being the kind of mom I am, I was pretty much focusing on my child the entire time...but during this song, one little girl just CRACKED me up...she's the one with the white ruffled dress...she had the BEST expressions on her face!!! So I wanted to include her in my pictures as a reminder of how hilarious she was!!!

But in the end, the message was about the King of our lives...Jesus. And you know what...these kids KNOW this story...they were absolutely amazing.

Hannah has made a very special friend in all this. I had to include a picture of her, as she actually had a HUGE part in this show...a lot of speaking AND singing. And she is just SO sweet to Hannah. They go everywhere holding hands. Jessica is probably 2 years older, but what a lovely, sweet girl she is. And she brings out the best in Hannah!!!

Jessica is the girl behind the microphone...she played the part of Greta Van Popcorn, news reporter, breaking the story of the king.

And one last picture. Hannah's facial expressions are always worth sharing...especially when the
dimples come out. Isn't she GORGEOUS???? And the dress is compliments of Grandma MacDonald. We were so pleased that she was able to have a wonderful dress to wear for the show!!!


SB said...

ok, I am bawling.

Seriously bawling.

That is so beautiful.
And so RIGHT.

Perfect, Linda, just perfect. and a GREAT reminder of where our focus should be for this Holy Season

V said...

This is so SWEET!!!!

The dimple is gorgeous!!

Berry Patch said...

Awesome post, Linda! Ben is in his church's Christmas play - the performance is this weekend. I'll be posting photos over at my blog so be sure to check it out next week. Hannah is adorable & the dress is cute. You were right - the girl in the white dress had a great expression! :-)

Lisa in ME

Christy said...

Great pictures!! It looks like the kids had a wonderful time! Our Christmas Program is this Sunday! They have been having extra practices, so I'm thinking it's going to really been good! It's Heather's last one...they're moving to Ansbach. :(

Thanks for sharing all the great pictures! I will have to show Jacob tomorrow!

Sue said...

I am the proudest auntie around right now :) -- thanks so much for sharing the blow by blow :)

ThatDeborahGirl said...

The children at our church did this play this past Christmas. It had us laughing and crying and I had a ball being the stage mom.

It seems that every time something good in my life happens now I feel like singing, "it's gonna be the very best Christmas we've ever seen around here!" I typed that phrase just now into google and that's how I found your blog. Can't wait to read the rest.