Thursday, December 21, 2006

PRESENTS from the A to the Z"!!!

I got a great giftie today! My friend Laurie sent me a box of Arizona goodies! And there's some great stuff in there too!

There is a wonderful candle in a cute jar with an "antique rusty" lid (and it smells like HEAVEN...does all of AZ smell like that????). A sweet magnet (I LOVE magnets!), and my two personal favorites: an AZ Christmas ornament all handpainted with cactii, and the best of all, the CACTII themselves! Three little guys in a nice painted pot - I'm going to settle them in all nice and cozy and they're gonna live on my desk downstairs (keep them away from the little guy who thinks they are fuzzy balls to play with!)

Oh...and those lollipops are for my kids - Laurie even thought to send THEM something...though I don't know if they'll be getting any....I'm feeling kind of greedy right now. But hey - a Prickly Pear flavor (the red ones) and a Gala Apple flavor (the green cactus)...why would I want to share that deliciousness with the kiddos who can't appreciate anything so darned cute????

Thanks so much, Laurie!!!!


Laurie said...

It was the very LEAST I could do since you ALWAYS ALWAYS think of me and send me beautiful little things from the heart. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness and I'm GLAD to return the LOVE, girl!

Merry Christmas!

Teena said...

My husband would love this! He's obsessed with cactus!