Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Boy after my heart

From the living room one day, I hear ooohs, and aaaahs...I hear "das peeetttty (pretty)". I hear "I YIKE dese!"

So I look over to the living room, where Scotty is sitting on the couch, his head buried in something on his lap and the occasional interjection coming forth.


Me: Hey Bug, whatcha doin'?
Me: Oh yeah? Whatcha readin'?
S: You book...dis book!
Me: My book? Which one is that?
S: You come see!

So I grabbed my camera, wondering what could possibly ellicit such great delight and intense study.

I snapped the following pictures:

Yes - he is looking at bright and colorful pictures. What "book" was it? It was a catalog, to be exact. Fun Expressions Scrapbooking catalog. Can you believe it? I gotta get this kid scrapping!!!!

We sat and exclaimed and ooooh'ed and aaaaah'ed over all of these pretty things...and he had good taste, and told me I needed to get a lot of stuff from that catalog!!!


pixleyyy said...

Too funny!

Sue said...

LOL -- I love those shots of him -- now you can justify your purchases by saying "Scotty thought it was pretty" LOL

SB said...

so how much did HE buy?


G. Nat Salpigga said...

Cute kid.

Chelle A. said...

Awww what a cute little guy!

My daughter, who is now 10yo, actually learned to read, at age 4, from catalogs.

She was looking through an American Girl catalog, marking all of the things she wanted, when she told me I need to order by such and such date. I asked her how she knew.......She flipped to the front cover and pointed to the sentence that said, "Order by "date" for Christmas delivery" sounding out each word.

Great blog!

BTW, Michele sent me.