Thursday, February 22, 2007

What do you Tink?

When Hannah was born just a little over 6 years ago, I reveled in the fact that I had a daughter. Pink, purple...she was always dressed in girly colors. She had cute dresses and shoes, not too extremely frilly, but oh-so-girly all the time.

By the time she was about a year and a half old, she did not like girly things any more. Sure, she didn't have much of a choice in her outfits, but it was clear that the dolls were not being played with, and the other toys got much more attention. The bears and stuffed animals were loved, but the dolls were abandoned, much to my dismay. I always loved dolls, even though I was very much a tomboy growing up.

I resigned myself to the fact that Hannah was not a girly-girl. I was sad, but resolute. She would not be forced to play with anything she did not love.

Fast forward a few years. One day, at Grandma Linda's house, she watched the Peter Pan movie. Over and over again. She LOVED it. Then we headed for Germany. She wanted that movie badly. And with lots of searching and love from Auntie Sue, we got the DVD of it, and has been well worn already. And so began the love affair with Tinkerbell (NOT a princess, lol). She wanted to be Tinkerbell for Halloween in 2005. We were in Germany. NOT an easy thing to find. But I found a "fairy set" and we convinced her she was Tinkerbell.

When we got back to the states last summer, I was overwhelmed at all the Tinkerbell stuff coming out. What was a mom to do? Well, I got as much as I could! Okay, I might have gone overboard, but who can resist that sassy little fairy with the attitude? She's just like Hannah! So it started...I got sheets...a blanket (well, the "easter bunny" brought the blanket while we were still in Germany, and it was an instant hit)...I searched the internet in order to find Priss Print wall stickers (removable and reusable). Then came MY love affair with buying anything Tink. I found a Halloween costume (Hannah wanted to be Tink again). I found toys, oh SO many toys...I LOVED it. If my girl was going to love something GIRLY, I was surely going to indulge it.

And she has not yet shed the love, so I continue to feed her "habit", lol. I've gone overboard; you Tink????

There are lots of toys...Tink's got an entire Fairy world and friends now. We have a book, we have Tink and "Brother Dove" and Beck and "Scamper" - we have a medium sized Tink and Rani - we have a teeny-tiny Tink (she's on my craft desk for an "operation" on her wings. Scotty got a bit enthusiastic with her and she needs some TLC). There's Tink shoes, a Tink Crown, wings and things...Oh...but if I see something new, I'm going to buy it!

Next on my list is Tink's bedroom (she's a "Tinker" you know, the Pots-and-Pans her bed is made of a baking pan!). And for as long as Hannah wants to be a "fairy-NOT-princess", I'll let her.


rennratt said...

I got the girly-girl.

I am a tomboy.

I have learned a LOT about Polly Pockets, Barbies and Faeries.

I also now own TWO pink shirts. TWO! (Everything else is beige, brown and black.)

It's a blessing to learn 'the other side of things', isn't it?

Sue said...

Too freakin cute!! I love all the Tink!! Must be a Marquis thing - when we like sometink, we go ALL the way -- nothing stops us until something else comes along :)

utenzi said...

Tinkerbell, huh? I guess that's great for a little girl but for me, I'd take that Green Fairy (Kylie Minogue) in Moulin Rouge over Tinkerbell anyway. LOL

It's great that your daughter is starting to be more girly for you, Linda. I suspect you'll enjoy this phase.

Carmi said...

You can never get enough Tinkerbell. Kids are kids only once, so the occasional indulgence is OK.

I love how you write about parenthood. It reminds me of all the things I love about being a dad of a six-year-old. What a great age.