Thursday, March 22, 2007

SPAM...or, hey, you, out you REALLY know me????

I get a lot of spam. Sure, everyone gets some, but I get a LOT. I have had the same Yahoo email address since 1997. Before I signed up for another mail service, I used the yahoo address for EVERYTHING...any site I signed up on, every online store I bought at...

Well, now, I generally only use the Yahoo address for that specific purpose. They've been really good at sorting spam (although lately, too many have been sneaking through). The mail in my inbox is generally stuff from online stores or places I have subscribed to for newsletters. I also use it as my address for blogger. Lately, though, when I comment on someone's site and they comment back, the spam filter is kicking in. I've been scanning my spam folder for this very reason (that, and the fact that the delete and spam buttons are right next to each other, and a few times, I've "spammed" things that should have been deleted). I'd never really taken a good look at what was in the spam folder. I'm glad I didn't.

Here are some of the offerings:

*Hot young Asians want to date you - UH...I'm married, not interested
*several different offerings asking me to verify my zipcode...NOT GONNA HAPPEN
*comp'd airline tickets, laundry soap, ring tones
*beer and cigarette surveys, offering me HUNDREDS of dollars to participate!!! (I don't smoke, haven't in almost 10 years, and I prefer a GOOD beer, not bud or miller, thankyouverymuch)
*a lot of "HI" emails - if I don't recognize your name, I'm not going to say Hi back!
*a lot of "your notice" emails
*a bunch of "second" and "last" notices, from the SAME people, for the same crap. Guess they're giving me a lot of chances!
*someone wants to date me - better be my hubby and no one else!!!
*Ophelia tells me not to be shy over my size....?????
*ooooh...job openings in my area!
*a LOT of drug offers - they must know something I don't. C1al1s and V1agr0 are the biggest offers for me....hmmmm....

It goes on and on. An average day nets me over 400 spam message in the spam folder. Another 20 or so get caught up in my mail filters and end up in other folders, and then I'd estimate about 30-50 daily get through Yahoo's filter. Sometime's it's just hilarious to see these offers. Other times, I cringe. When you have limited access to email (when travelling, moving, or in the hospital, lol) and you get a chance to check your mail, your box is SO full. I don't have the patiences to comb through 4,000 spam messages on the off chance that I got an ad or two I wanted to keep. Eventually, I catch them anyway.

SO...if any of you have ever replied to me from a comment on your blog and never heard anything, I got caught in the spam of the moment.

Your turn: what is the average amount of spam you receive daily (that you know of). What's the funniest piece of spam you've gotten?

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