Saturday, April 07, 2007

Color my world...

HOPPY! Eggs-actly! Easterrific!

It's that time again. Egg-huntin' guns required!!! This year was the first year that both kids got to go to an egg hunt. We opted for the early morning (10:00 a.m. - hey, it's early SOMEWHERE!) hunt at the city park. They break all the sections down by age from 2 to 6. Everyone lines up around the designated area, and at eggs-actly 10:00 a.m., the police sirens sounded and the kids took off.

Because of how the park was divided, Hannah and Scotty were nowhere near each other, so Scott took Hannah and I had Scotty. That means that I have only pictures of Scotty during the hunt.

scotty points out the eggs he wants

Gathering Eggs

This ended up being a bonus, since the Easter Bunny managed to show up in the 3 year-old section and I got pictures! Scotty wasn't afraid at all - Mr. Cool with his dragon-tail hat and Cars sunglasses!

Easter Bunny and Mr. Cool

We then came home, checked out the eggs (they all had "prizes" inside) and rested for a bit.

Hannah shows off her eggs

A colorful selection of dyes

After lunch, we colored eggs. What vivid and beautiful colors! The first time we did this with Hannah, I got some ridiculous kit and the coloring was awful. We didn't do eggs last year, I don't even know why - heck, the Easter bunny barely visited there in Germany!

So, I'm sharing the pictures of today:

Scotty and Hannah work on coloring eggs - Scotty's got that 3 y/o cheesy grin going!

vivid red egg...and then all the eggs we dyed, drying, with happy kids!

And now for a totally unrelated picture...there is nothing cuter than a man in tighty-whiteys....unless it's THIS:

A BOY in his first "real" underpants

Of course, he's not trained enough to wear them yet - but it was just too cute NOT to share...and wait till his future bride sees this!!!!!


Bob-kat said...

Oh, that is deliciously cruel - saving the pic to show future girlfriends!

Dying those eggs looks like it was great fun. I have such good childhood memories of Easter and it looks like your kids will too :-)

Michele sent me to say hi, but I must add you to my blogroll :-)

SB said...

love love LOVE the undie picture.
You'd better hope he doesn't have retroactive Google when he's a teenager. TOO CUTE! He'll be trained in no time (hopefully)

Happy Easter!

Carmi said...

Yup, the underwear pic is definitely future extortion material :)

Thanks for sharing a colorful vignette of a great family day. I just love holidays for their ability to bring out the warm fuzzies in all of us.

Butterfly Wife said...

Oh he definitely looks like he's recovered from the "lost" event. Very cute. Almost makes me wish I had kids. Almost.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What an adorable picture, in his first pair of underpants! Very very cute....I'm sure he will LOVE this when he is in his twenty's....LOL!
Very lovely egg dying, too!

Here from Michele today Linda, and I wish you and yours A Very Very Happy Easter...!

Becky68 said...

What great pictures, your eggs came out so nice! We did our dying last weekend & I didn't buy the 'good' kit, (you have the good one there) I thought it wouldn't matter but some of the colors came out really poor, I'll never use anything but the one you've got there again!
Here from Micheles tonight.

Christy said...

The eggs look great and looks like Scotty had a lot of fun at the park. What a great picture with the Easter Bunny! We're going to the CAC tomorrow after church to have pictures taken, then we'll come home dye eggs, then Chad's going to take them out to the yard and hide them, then I'll bring the boys down to find them! Then we'll have our Easter Dinner. We might go to the Warner Club for their Easter Egg Hunt too, just depends on what time it is.

Have a lovely Easter...remembering Christ's sacrifice for us.

Karen said...

Great photos!

Old man winter is trying to put a damper on Easter here but we'll have none of it.

Michele sent me over to wish all of you a very *Hoppy* Easter! :+)

Sue said...

OMG -- I love the underoo pi8cture :) -- auntie Sue will nag him about that picture for sure when he grows up :) -- he starts as Mr. Cool and ends as an underwear model :) -- hey he is still Mr. Cool in my heart :)

Charley Madden said...

Great Easter shots...lovin Scotty's hat...your kids are getting so big!!! CUTE pic of scotty in his tighty whiteys....just wait....Garrett has now decided that tighty whiteys are..."NOT cool, Mom!!" We now have to wear boxers instead...where did that come from? he resisting potty training really bad? I won't tell you how easy Grant was....