Thursday, April 05, 2007

Little Boy Lost...

I had to go to Walgreens today. While we have a fairly new Walgreens, it's on the other end of town, so I don't go there often unless I really have to.

I needed to get a few things (and darn, I just realized I forgot to get something!!!). So after I put Hannah on the bus, Scotty and I ventured to the store. He likes to go for rides after sissy gets on the's just something he and I do.

Wandering around Walgreens...I got what I needed (except for the one thing I did manage to forget until just now!). Then I headed to the Easter aisle to get a few little things for Scotty's basket, since I didn't have a lot for his yet. I got some buckets for the kids for the Easter egg hunt at church on Saturday. Scotty got to carry one - and then decided it was his shopping basket and proceeded to put every color of marshmallow peeps and bunnies into it. After the ensuing argument and discussion about the virtues of peeps versus bunnies, blue versus yellow, etc., etc., I thought we had it all done.

I was at the very end of the aisle, trying to decide if I wanted to try the Cadbury Orange creme egg...Scotty was right next to me. He took off all of a sudden, screaming and crying, "Mommy! MOMMY! Where IS you?????" at the top of his lungs. And there I am, chasing him down, saying, "Scotty....where are you going? I'm right HERE!" And the cashiers and customers in line looking around to see where this little boy's appalling, abusive, uncaring mother was...the mother who couldn't possibly care enough to keep track of him...


The boy was RIGHT BY MY SIDE. He was the one who turned and ran away...why, I have NOOOOO clue.

He cried till I gave him a peep (AFTER we checked out). He told me he was lost, he couldn't find me....poor little boy. I just don't know what he was thinking..."there's a psycho woman chasing me saying she's my mommy, but I KNOW she's not, because I am sure my mommy just dumped me in the middle of this store and left...and I'm going to scream my head off until this crazy lady chasing me STOPS, and my mommy appears!".

The looks from customers were so disapproving. I wanted to tell them to MYOB...I did NOT abandon my child. He took off running....not me.

But I bit my tongue and kept my mouth shut (and no comments from the peanut gallery about THAT remark, please!).

The little boy lost was NOT.


Sue said...

I just have to....YOU say nothing? I wonder if Scotty knew exactly what he was doing? Getting a rise out of mommy :)

Christy said...

ROFL! I know not funny at the time, but funny now! It's amazing how quickly they can go into their own little world!

At least the store's not too big so you weren't chasing him through a store like WM!! LOL

Oh and like say nothing! ROFL!! LOL :)

rennratt said...

I don't know how I would have handled THAT one.

I'm with the others; I bet he did it to get a rise out of you!

Butterfly Wife said...

I remember being "lost" like that as a child. I am now 34. It was TERRIFYING!! Not my parents fault, not my fault. But I certainly did not do it to get a rise out of my parents.

Glad everyone seems to have recovered.