Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Easter Pictures

I would have posted these sooner, except I forgot my camera at my friend Sandra's house after Easter dinner. DUH!!!!!

We had a nice Easter morning. Hannah woke up, ignored the trail of eggs the "Easter Bunny" had so lovingly placed, along with her egg bucket, and had to be prompted to go "collect" the eggs. She enjoyed all the goodies in her basket though.

Scotty, well, we were there for him to prompt him, but he grabbed that bucket and followed the trail like a pro, and was thrilled to see his basket. You can't see in both baskets, the "funky" grass...well, it's EDIBLE grass. Reminds me of the Esspapier sold in Germany, which is an edible "paper"...made a great filler! Other than the small chocolate bunny, there were jelly beans and malted milk eggs and that was it for candy...because I knew there was some in the eggs.

We all dressed up for church, and Scotty was thrilled with his new shirt, tie and vest from grandma, but when it came to picture time, he got crabby, and the only picture I got had him scowling, and Hannah looked like an alien. Oh well. Church ended up being a bust for Scott and Scotty...2 songs into the opening, Scotty wanted to go home.

We came home and had a light lunch, as we were going to Sandra's for dinner. I brought the ham, pineapple stuffing, and pineapple cream puffs. Sandra made potatoes, green beans, salad and corn, and another friend, Deborah, made a cute bunny cake. When we arrived at Sandra's, we saw that she had put out eggs for the kids to hunt. Deb's husband is deployed, so she had her two children, the same ages and genders as mine, along with Sandra's two girls. We bundled them up, and set them free in the yard. This time, I headed out with Hannah and snagged a few pictures of her hunting eggs.

This is how Scotty is often found, chasing after Alyssa, or 'Yissa, as he calls her!

The group photo was a lot of fun, though I could never get all the kids to look my way!

Front: Jacob, Scotty, Alyssa
Back: Ellie, Ashlyn, Hannah


Amy Mowbray said...

The kids look like that had a wonderful time. And check out those baskets! They're loaded!

Butterfly Wife said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!

Connie said...

Oh your family's Easter looks just wonderful to me and such fun in spending it with friends as well. Good for for all. WOW didn't know they made edible grass for baskets...neat for sure .