Thursday, May 03, 2007

lots of photos

I finally off-loaded a bunch of pictures from my camera (needed a new battery) and have been making little collages (thanks for the great idea, Suzanne!) to showcase them.

Of course, I have since discovered that I only have 1-3 gig of hard drive space, thus causing my photoshop to hang up over and over. Time to buy an external hard drive for those pictures - betcha that'll clear out about 20-30 gig of my drive, lol!

Anyway, wanted to share the pictures with you. The first two are from Milford Lake. There is a fish hatchery, butterfly house and a small birds of prey/game display. Some of the owls live inside the tour building, but I only photographed the ones outside. I was fascinated with the bobcats. One started to chase a leave and came right up to the fence, allowing me to get those great shots!

These are some of the birds of prey they had displayed. Most are injured birds. The golden eagle (top right) was HUGE...this picture doesn't do him justice. He was missing half a wing.
The red-tailed hawk (top left) was gorgeous. The little hawk in the middle (I forget what kind) just posed so beautifully for me. I only wish I was able to get the camera up close enough to get the fencing out of the way like I did for the other birds. The owls were great too. The middle left photo is hilarious because the owl on the left has his eyes WIDE open. The middle right photo is a grand horned majestic looking. And the kids played a little and had a great time.

These next photos are from Hannah's kindergarten concert "The Months of The Year". I didn't get too many pictures because I was video taping. Scott wasn't able to be there, so I wanted it taped for him. My friend Sandra came and brought her girls, Ashlyn (who had the day off from kindergarten on post - different school system), and Alyssa (who is in love with Scotty, and vice versa!)

The last series is from Sunday - it was incredibly hot (almost 90°!), so I took out our little pool, put it on the driveway, filled it up, and let the kids have a blast. I rigged a mini-sprinkler with the hose, too. I don't have ANY pool pictures with Scotty, so I took several of just him. We invited the neighbor boys over (Will and Tre, but Tre chose not to be photographed - he's EIGHT, you know!). It was a fun day for me too. Will's mom and dad, Lori and Tim, came over and hung out and just had a nice day. I'm glad I did the weather's gone batty again and it's raining and YUCKY again.....


Colleen E said...

OMG - Kansas 90 degrees?! I thought only AZ and my part of L.A. were that pathetically hot! Anyway, enjoyed your photos.

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Awwww... GREAT photos!

I just love pool pictures. And that last one with all of them in goggles is just too precious!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

Write From Karen said...

What a cool montage of the past several days! I really enjoyed looking at Hannah's concert. That brings back my boys' school plays. I just loved those cheesy plays. All of the children were so cute stumbling to keep up and unconsciously scratching themselves in front of a room full of parents. lol

Definitely buy yourself a hard drive for your pictures. Seriously. I had the same problem and we bought another computer altogether to store pictures and videos. It's WORTH having all of that space! Especially if you edit a lot of photos. And don't forget to burn them to DVD as soon as possible. My husband's computer crashed one time and even though we were lucky and only lost about a dozen photos, I was still sick at the loss.

Have an excellent weekend!

Butterfly Wife said...

Looks like loads of fun!

Sheri said...

Great pictures! Looks like the kids had a blastf.

Oh and by the way Target has an external hard drive (120GB Passport Portable HD) on sale this week. I have one for my pictures, what a difference it made on my computer!

Hope your weather clears up soon!

Sue said...

I love all the pictures -- makes me miss the kids oh so much more :(

SB said...

you TOTALLY need the external hard drive. I bought one for the business, and it's a GODSEND. We paid $120.00 with a $60 rebate at Circuit City. They go on sale all the time. Just check the prices for a month and you'll be better prepared.

btw, LOVE the pictures. I am doing some collages tonight for myself.

saintseester said...

Cute montages. I always say I am going to do stuff like that, but the time slips away! I've been making baseball cards with photoshop - maybe I should post those sometime.

Charley Madden said...

AWESOME photos!!!! I wanna learn how to do this.....think you could teach me?