Sunday, May 13, 2007

My mother's day...

so far, has been good! Lots of goodies, especially from Hannah.

Hannah and Katie, best friends, at the Tea

On Friday, there was a "Mother's Day Tea" at her school (only her class!).
We were serenaded with lots of songs (I love you, I love you, I love you DEE-vine...may I please have your bubblegum? You're SITTING on mine!), and given lots of goodies.
I got a beautiful magnet flowerpot with pictures of my little beautiful flower...a handprint casted and painted. A hand drawn set of note cards...a beautiful "identification" tag, with a hand in the sign "I Love You" and Hannah's picture on it. There was an "I Love My Mom" book, with drawings and phrases like "My mom looks pretty when....'she goes to church'. and My mom makes great ....'icing for my cake' (true testimony to my homemade buttercreme icing!!!) My all time favorite was the "What I know about my mother" sheet.

My mother is very nice and helpful
she is 12 inches tall
She weighs 80 pounds
She has gray eyes
She has brown hair
The food she likes best is spaghetti
Her favorite color is purple.

Yup...short and squat, lol!
The spoon was made at children's church today, with a cute note and chocolate kisses!
"Dear Mom,
A spoonful of love and a couple of wishes...Hope you enjoy your Mother's Day Kisses"
Today, I got my gifts from the hubby and kids. Let's not kid around here, I had a LIST of
stuff...just to be sure I got something I remotely wanted/liked.

The kids got me this:

My hubby got me this:

Tanzanite, with white gold. Journey style...I'm happy!


SB said...

BIG points for Scott for getting it right. You SCORED!!

Military Mommy said...

LOVE your presents. Beautiful necklace (big pat on the back for hubs) and a deep fryer? Oh man. Yes, Like Eddie in Christmas Vacation says, It's the gift that keeps on giving all year round Clark. :)

And 12 inches and 80 pounds? That reminds me of my weeble wobbles. Remember those?

Have a fun day!

tiff said...

Yay for good days!

Love the list of things about you - I have one from that time of Thing 2's life. It hangs in my office. :>

rennratt said...

I got a Coupon Book from Nooze.

She will wash the dishes 15 times and give me 100 hugs.

Hopefully not at the same time.

Butterfly Wife said...

Hubby did good! The kids on the other hand . . . well, I assume the deep fryer is for one of your crafty projects!

Laura said...

I had no idea you were a 12 inch, 80 pound blogger! LOL!!! I love 'em at that age, they always make me laugh.

You are truly blessed with great kids and hub! :)

Sue said...

Been out of the loop -- soooo sorry but super glad you had a great mother's day :) -- the gifts you made for the mom's in your life were absolutely beautiful. Miss you too much for words right now -- hugs and kisses

saintseester said...

I love that necklace (covet, covet). I found out I was allergic to gold a few years ago, and have slowly gotten a few pieces of white gold (I can wear that). Tanzanite is so pretty in the white!

Colleen E said...

Linda - love the necklace! Just beautiful. And so is the photo of you and your beautiful dd - sweet. Her description is priceless of course - save that one!

Thanks for the links on Memorial Day too - loved the photos you posted. xo