Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I know, I KNOW...

I'm boring...nothing new, nothing exciting...what do I do then? Post anyway? About diaper rash, lack of potty training interest (on Scotty's part, not mine). The "I have nothing to do" whines that have already started?

Okay - well, we'll recap last week.

*Hannah had Vacation Bible School (VBS). We went to First United Methodist for their VBS because 1) it was in the day time (the majority of churches offering it at this time are all at NIGHT!) and 2) it was NOW. Our church, Westview Community, is having theirs in mid-July, and it's a VBE (experience) and it's at night...AND we will probably miss part of it due to day-tripping over block leave. I wanted to be sure we had Hannah in at least ONE.

But she had a BLAST. It was called "Take The Plunge" and they had SO much fun. Hannah got blessed in that one of her classmates from kindergarten, Lawson, was in her group. AND Lawson's mom, who is a first grade teacher (and whom we hope and pray that Hannah gets for HER 1st grade teacher) was her group leader. AND Ashlyn came and was also in her group. That made it perfect. They had WONDERFUL crafts. (I wasn't impressed with last year's VBS at all - won't say where it was, but it wasn't our church and it wasn't FUMC!) They came home with a fun foam fish (magnetic), a pair of sunglasses, a wind sock, a painted "flip flop" treasure box, and a backpack! AND, they gave us a music CD (Scotty loves it, too!), AND they gave us a GAMES CD. And all this cost? NADA. Not a thing...I LOVE it.

*The kids are sick. Both have colds. Scotty started first. He's now got plugged tear ducts - not a pretty sight. Hannah had a fever and missed the VBS presentation on Sunday - she was all ready to go, but I couldn't let her go with a fever; she was SO sad.

Other than that, I have NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. I am SO boring. I know.

OH! WAIT...I DID get the hi res shots of Scotty from the PAO office at Ft. Riley...I'll share the color version of his "conducting debut" and one of my other favorites as well!
The mighty conductor

I just love his face...he's just SO beautiful!


Debbie said...

Linda, I often feel like my blog is so boring. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pictures, so even on your "do nothing days", I enjoy seeing it! :-)

Sue said...

Sorry my babies are sick -- they will get better. He really is a beauty (well they both are :))

charadam said...

I found your blog through Alycia's.

We are also a military family. It is fun to read other military family blogs.

We are currently in the middle of our VBS. It has been fun, I am working it and am pretty pooped at the end of the day.

I will be back.

Charley Madden said...

lol...I am opposite you..I usually have something to blog about...just no time to actually sit down and do it..I think the trend with vbs is now to have them at night...ours is in a couple of weeks and it is at night...has been for several years.