Friday, June 01, 2007

poignant view...

of the life of one military family. I frequent the blog of Homefront Six
. In the Army, the leader of each area of responsibility is referred to as the Artillery leader was Drumfire Six, the commanding General was Danger get the idea...her blog is aptly she is the leader of her area of responsibility - the homefront. We joke that Scott should be Conductor Six, or Musicman Six...(oops...slightly off-track here...).

Anyway - Homefront Six created a video, which is a private and personal, and very poignant look into the life she and her husband lead. Don't be put off by the video's length...for some reason, it has 3 extra minutes of nothing - the video is as long as the song and nothing more. But it's worth a view...and be sure to have a few tissues on hand, just in case.


Military Mommy said...

Wow. Beautiful and very moving. A wonderful depiction of their lives. :) Thanks for sharing.

kimbofo said...

This gives me a glimpse of the kind of life I never even think about. I have very strong views about the war in Iraq -- probably not best shared here (!!) -- but thanks for posting this video. It gives a very real -- and moving -- human face to the whole situation.