Monday, July 16, 2007

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This is the "Seven Things" tag...I'm going to try to tell you things that are totally weird, too!

1. I just recently discovered that I suffer from Phantosmia, a form of olfactory disorder (there are also anosmia, hyperosmia, and parosmia). I smell smoke. All the time. Like a campfire in my nose. No matter where I am. I wake up with it. It goes away if I cover my nose with a cloth. It burns my throat and causes my eyes to water.

2. I do NOT like anyone to touch the tips of my toes, at the nails. It just skeeves me out.

3. I had a "frenectomy/frenotomy" when I was 16. Basically, I was tongue-tied. The frenum, which is the connector under your tongue, was attached directly to the tip of my tongue, so I could barely stick it out, and it got caught, frequently, between my bottom front teeth. They cut the frenum and re-attached some muscles - I had to do exercises for a month, which included sticking my tongue out all the time - got me in trouble at school! We've since discovered that this is hereditary, and probably from my mom's side of the family. Both of my kids had it (Hannah had minor surgery at 2, and Scotty got his cauterized at 11 months), and my cousin's daughter (on my mom's side) had it too!

4. I was in an NCAA Final Four commercial in 1997. The guy who was filming it came from Danbury, CT, and wanted to film something in an old parochial school there. They asked the Danbury Community Orchestra to "play" along with a sound track, which was recorded by a more-famous (read: too expensive to use the REAL faces) orchestra. It was a BLAST. I can be seen for a few seconds.

5. I was in a Budweiser commercial as well. Me and a few others (who shall remain nameless, because quite frankly, THEY don't deserve mention in my life anymore) played the Budweiser theme song at auditions. We got paid $50 each.

6. When I was little, I got sick and hallucinated. To this day, my mother still tells the story about "the man in my cup", and the "hole in the wall". I SWEAR, there was a hole in the wall near my sister's bed, and water was pouring in (it wasn't even raining out!). And I was taking a drink of water and there was a man at the bottom of my cup!

7. I cut my toe almost completely off when I was a year old. don't ask. it's still here, and you can still faintly see the scar/stitch marks.

so....I think I will tag Charley, Renn (if she makes it to blog reading while on vacation!), and....hmmmm...Annette.


Michele said...

You, weird? I don't believe that for a moment....Okay, I read the list, I am a believer! (wink)

It must be horrible to smell smoke all the time. Poor you! Is there nothing that can be done for this? There must be something? Perhaps you could get the man in the cup to make it better? Yes, that might work, see didn't I tell you that I was a believer!

You are a Bud Girl? Impressive.

Thank you so much Linda for visiting the "post of the week." I truly appreciate it, as I am certain is the man who wrote the post.

leslie said...

Smell smoke all the time? That is so crazy. How does that happen?
I'm kinda the same with you on #2. I don't like the tops of my toes being tapped. Nor the top of my head

surcie said...

Yes, your toe issue is a little strange. . . but we all have our quirks.

BTW, I was madly in love with Leif--Pretty sure it had more to do with his hair than with his voice, though.

Sue said...

OMG -- I can still remember the feeling that there was blood EVERYWHERE when you cut your toe and I was just a baby too!! and the hole in the wall -- funny stuff to remember LOL -- remember my sleepwalking to the neighbors and tell them that our parents were mean :)

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Those are some VERY interesting facts! :) I enjoyed "getting to know you" more!

rennratt said...

I have already done this, or I would participate!

When my sinuses act up, I smell burning wires.

Not all the time though, and not to the point of choking.

Lia said...

Hi, Michele sent me.

Firstly, you have a gorgeous masthead. Secondly, that whole tongue-tied thing - I never heard of that before, but it gives a whole new meaning to "tongue-tied", that's for sure.