Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Perfect Post

Every once in awhile, you read a post somewhere that just takes your breath away. It makes you cry, or laugh so hard you're afraid you'll wet your pants...or it might even just make you think a little differently, maybe give you a new perspective on life.

Well, thankfully, Lindsay over at Suburban Turmoil and Momma K at Petroville have created the monthly Perfect Post, which allows us to share these posts.

This month, I am awarding the Perfect Post to Christy, over at My 3 Gifts, Among Other Things, for the post titled What Might Have Been. I have been blessed to actually spend almost a year with Christy over in Germany. She's seen more than her share of hard life; the biggest was the loss of her daughter Jordyn at age 2, to AML leukemia. She writes often of her feelings, but this recent post just put so much FEELING out there.

Christy and her husband Chad were blessed with two beautiful boys after Jordyn went to be with God; now they are expecting their 4th child, a daughter, whom I am sure will be as beautiful as Jordyn and her two brothers. Do go read her post, peruse her site, see her love of God, her children, and her husband.

And then, go check out Surburban Turmoil and Petroville. Lindsay is absolutely hilarious! And Momma K is well-spoken; both are well worth regular visits.


Sondra said...

I am very interested in reading the posts you suggested.

I am so sorry that cell phone calls are more important to some than learning the correct way to drive.

AND last but hardly least. Thanks YOU for your generosity of the car seat so now a little one can feel safe in his car, yet looking forward at where he is going rather than the back of a seat. THANKS

Bob-kat said...

Some posts just stand out don't they?

I will check out your recommendations sometime when I have a bit more time :)

Shane said...

. . . one of the great things about reading the thoughts and experiences of others.