Thursday, September 06, 2007

Scotty tells a story...

We have a routine with the kids at bedtime. We always read one or two books (depends on the length of the book, or sometimes, the exhaustion level of the parent!). And then, we tell a little story. It started with Scott telling Hannah stories from his childhood...."Little Boy Stories" we called them. And since I didn't have as many good stories, I would tell Hannah "pretend stories" that generally revolved around activities and actions that Hannah had done during the day. Often, there were lessons involved as well.

We followed the tradition with Scotty as well. And last night, Scott was reading to him (it was my turn to read, but I'm suffering from yet another bout of laryngitis) and Scotty told him a story.

It started out garbled, something about all of us, and grandma....and then:

Dere was dis monster. He frew me inna ditch. He was skeerrrry. Da ditch had booboo twaps in it. I fighted da monster. He went "ROWWWWWWWWRR", and was bang, bang. I got out fwom da booboo twaps. Den mommy yelled, "Scotty, get out uv da ditch. I went "woooosh" and fwied away. Dee End.

(booboo twaps are booby traps, in case you were wondering)

Or something like that. Scott told me last night as I was in the beginning haze of benadryl, so I didn't capture it all. We TRIED to get Scotty to re-tell this morning, but he changed his tune and nothing was the same.

Kids....aren't they great????


Sue said...

Now that is just plain adorable LOL -- definitely something you want to remember :)

Christy said...

LOL! That's great!!!

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Oh that is so stinkin' cute! How could you resist squeezin' him to pieces? :)