Monday, October 29, 2007


MY HEAD HURTS! OMG, I've never had such a pain! It's sinus/cold-related, and it's all on one side. I've taken tylenol to no avail...I've now moved on to Aleve. Hope it helps. Taking the advice from a friend and using a rice bag on my entire head...had just enough relief to come down and check email and put up a blog real quick....I swear, it feels like someone stuck a fork through my eye!

Speaking of forks in the eye...I have a friend who is feeling a bit angry...she's threatened to put a fork in someone's eye! Maybe she did it to me in her dreams??? Nah....but if you've recently made someone angry...beware, lol!

AND speaking of forks...I read a blog with the most interesting title - definitely related to this topic: I stabbed him in the head with a fork....
Fauve's hilarious - be sure to read the cast listing....LOVE the names she uses, particularly for her ex-husband and his girlfriend, lol!

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SB said...


forks CAN be handy.