Monday, October 01, 2007

time to share again...

Okay, my friends have told me it's time to post again, so I'll share some of what we did last weekend. We went to Ft. Riley "Apple Days" celebration.

Awwww, look, they're holding hands! (and for those
who are into details-they are also walking "in step"!)

There was a GWOT Ceremony (Global War on Terrorism) where the names of all Ft. Riley soldiers killed during the war were read. The band was there to play as well.

The 1ID Band plays at the GWOT Ceremony
(no, that's not a bad exposure, there was a camp
fire burning in the background)

They had lots of heavy equipment for the kids to check out...Scotty's most favorite was the tank that looked just like his transformer. He waited PATIENTLY in line to be able to see this thing inside and out. He loved it.

When Scotty saw this tank, he said "OOOOOOH,
it's my TWANSFOAMER!"""""

Probably the only time you'll see Scott
on a tank!

While they were waiting in line (Hannah wanted to see it too), I headed over to the Custer House (it is believed that General Custer lived there at one time) and bought a pie. The recipe for this pie is a HUGE secret. The Historic and Archaelogical Society of Ft. Riley (HASFR from now on) recruits people to help make these pies. They put up signs and take pre-orders for weeks prior. They make TONS of pies. One group put up 475 pies in a day. They freeze these pies in a DEEP FREEZE truck...then you come and pick it up. I bought one frozen pie only, because no one in my house likes apple pie but me, and I didn't want to eat it all by myself! The members of HASFR dress in period costumes,'s lots of fun to see.

So, I carried this pie around for several hours as we made our way around all the different tanks and things. We saw Darren the D.A.R.E. dog...the kids loved him. We ate cotton candy (first time for Scotty!) and we wandered through the "junk tent" know, the place where everyone is giving away pens and keychains and stuff. Yeah...I LOVE pens! One place gave Scott a really nice thermos! I got a nice leather bound day planner (purse size), and lots of other goodies. We saw all the kitties that were up for adoption from the post Vet office, too.

About 3 hours into all of this, I'd had enough of carrying the pie and everyone's "junk". So we headed home. We didn't get to experience any of the Cavalry competition, the helicopters (Black Hawks, I think) and the "jumpers" for the kids. There was also a free shooting range down by the General's house. I would have loved to shoot off a machine gun or two!

We came home and rested (Scotty actually fell asleep!). I baked the pie because it had thawed. The house smelled WONDERFUL! We then headed to Council Grove to eat at the Hays House and do some touristy things.

Hannah and Scott in front of the Historic Hays House

The Hays House is a restaurant that has housed many other things. It was built by Seth Hays, the great-grandson of Daniel Boone. It sits on the original Santa Fe Trail. The building caught fire in the late 1800's, but was immediately rebuilt. On the 2nd floor, you can still see burned rafter beams! It's quite an experience just to visit this place. The kids' favorite thing was "Old Joe" the White Buffalo. He hangs above the stairs.

Old Joe

Authentic Covered Wagon, one of 14 historic sites
to visit in Council Grove.

Farmers and Drovers Bank - a unique building.

Scott asked what a Drover was, and my best guess was that it was someone who "drove cattle" or something. (I just looked it up, and I was right!) The main portion of the building is dated 1892, and the back half has 1902 on it. I thought it was quite an interesting building.

There was a BEAUTIFUL sunset, but we were unable to pull off and get a good shot of it...oh well. There are tons of sunsets that I'll catch, I'm sure.

My attempt - the picture doesn't do the colors justice!!!


Christy said...

Love Apple Days, one thing I looking forward to when we return one of these days! You guys should take a long weekend down to Dodge's about 4 hours I think from Ft.Riley.

Have you guys been to the center of the US yet? It's about I think 1 hr from you too.

Bob-kat said...

I had never heard of an 'Apple Day' before so thanks for sharing. I loved looking at your pics adn reading about your day out. It sound slike you all had a great time :)

Heidi said...

VERY cute top picture!

LoveMyTanker said...

I so miss Apple Days!! Maybe one of these days they will start selling the pies online and ship them frozen!! :)

Janet said...

Glad you're back and thanks for sharing the pictures with us! Looked to be a beautiful day :-)

Hi, Michele sent me!

Army Wife said...

I miss the sunsets in the midwest.

Gorgeous family!!