Thursday, November 01, 2007

The trick is...

can they handle all the TREATS?????

Halloween was a BLAST! Scotty had to try on his pants (I had just finished making them) and once he had THOSE on, he wanted to go all out and wear the entire I took him to WalMart dressed like this! We had to get some REAL rope to hold his pants up - the small twine I was using didn't cut it. On the way home, he was too pooped to Pirate anymore...notice the white stick in front of the seatbelt on his lap - he fell asleep with his lollipop in his mouth!!!! (they gave it to him at Wallyworld).

We were ready to go by 6:00 p.m.

Perfect Pirate and Sweet Angel

Arrrrrgh-en't I CUTE????

Angelic....only for Halloween!!!
(overheard at a door whilst T or T'ing....a woman asked Hannah if she was ALWAYS such an angel, and the answer was an EMPHATIC, "NO WAY!")

Mom got into the spirit and dressed as a doctor!

We managed to hit a LOT of houses. Those buckets were FILLED to the top. We had to make a stop back at the car after doing one street up and back because the "pre-bagged" things (given by our neighbors and friends) were taking up too much room!!!! By this time, it had gotten dark and we were really having fun. We didn't even finish up the neighborhood we were at, because Scotty was tired. Hannah wanted to keep going, but she didn't have space in the bucket. I'm not one of those parents who gives in to the greed of children by giving them pillowcases, nor do I carry a big plastic bag to dump buckets into so they can get more junk! I think there's more than enough in those buckets to keep them happy till EASTER!

My only complaint? The parents who didn't keep an eye on their kids. I saw kids running through yards and flowers, not caring. I saw them darting across the streets. I know that drivers are usually extra careful on this night, but still. Some of the bigger kids (mostly boys) were pushy and a few times Scotty got pushed aside. But he was pretty decent, didn't complain at all. HE was ALL about ringing the bell and saying TWICK OR TWEET!!! and when they would offer him the bowl to pick, he'd only take ONE piece...and even if they offered 2, he would have to be COAXED to take more than one. He was also good at houses where they left the bowl out for kids to "take 3 or 4". (when did THAT become a custom, anyway? I mean, honestly...can't SOMEONE be home to hand candy out?).

My neighbor Lori gave the kids a really neat goodie bag filled not only with candy, but toys! Here's one of them:

All our other "new" neighbors (new to the neighborhood since last Halloween) were disappointed with the "turnout". We came to most of their houses last, since many weren't home when we left. They said we were only the 3rd or 4th kids to come...the others being the kids who live here. No one else comes here, since it's a small duplex circle with no other homes at ALL nearby (but hey, we have Panera, Arby's, Target, and Pier 1). I suppose we could have warned them!

Here's the final shots of the evening...all the loot gathered!

Angel Sweets.....

Pirate Booty


Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Looks like they had a BLAST! How adorable are they? Oh my!

Sue said...

OMG I am soo sorry I missed this :)-- I got 5 treaters no trickers all night :( They are both adorable (you too :))

CrankMama said...

Too pooped to Pirate - I love it! Really great pics.

Geggie said...

Michele sent me to say hi!

Whoa...looks at all those goodies!

laura vegas said...

that's a lot of loot!!! lol! the kids look adorable!

LoveMyTanker said...

Super costumes!! Too cute!!

Christy said...

They looked too cute! Jack has a pirate outfit like that but got it for his birthday as a gift! :) He initially said he wanted to be a pirate and then changed his mind to Peter.

Looks like they had a great time and got lots of treats!

Jerry in Tampa said...

GREAT pics - looks like a good time had by all!!!

Hello, Michele sent me. And I will be back!

Jerry in Tampa

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me from the site of the day post. How great your children look all decked out for TorT.

I was so disappointed - I bought 155 pieces of candy - really good candy bars...and I had 10 kids. My house were I lived before moving this May is 4/10th of a mile and they got 400 - 500.

Seems like they got a goodly stash!!!