Friday, December 07, 2007

They Say it's your birthday....

It's MY birthday, too!!! (and for the record, my friend Shannon has the dubious honor of sharing this day with me - only she is TEN years younger than me!!!!)I got that "cake" as a "gift" from - fun website....check it out sometime. GOOD food recipes!

My birthday presents (so far)Epson Stylus Photo R380 printer. YES!!!!

Panera Bread gift card from my lovely mother-in-law, Linda (yes, we share the same name!). And Panera is less than 2 minutes' walk from here! I look out my living room window and see its lovely lights at night...YUM!!!

I also got a lovely pendant necklace from my friend Sandra (whose birthday is TOMORROW...and not only do we share close proximity in birthdates, but she was in Bamberg with us, and moved here to Ft. Riley with us and our daughters (Hannah and Ashlyn) are only 3 days apart, lol!). I don't have a picture of the pendant, though. It's beautiful, with 3 small flowers on it it; each flower is made of a small cluster of gemstones, one ruby, one sapphire, one emerald. Quite lovely!

So far today I:

* woke up at 7:00 a.m. (that's because the boy didn't wake up until 7:40 a.m.!)
* drove Scott to work TWICE...that's because my wallet fell out of my purse when Hannah was scrounging in the wintergear basket and spilled the entire contents of my purse throughout the basket...and I wasn't aware of it. We were at the gate when I looked for my I.D. card and realized it wasn't there, so we had to turn around and come all the way back home; this made Scott late for work. And the reason I'm driving him to work? Our Kia is in the shop for some much needed maintenance and repairs...should be ready tonight, I hope!
* went to Target. Was looking for the Fisher Price Lightwriter that is on sale, but they were out of stock... they had -2 in stock (yes, MINUS two, don't ask me how they arrived at THAT!) and so I got a raincheck. I also did some shopping for two twin 16 year old girls as part of a church project...all I got was that they were twins, 16. How do you buy for that? Well, I got two stocking (identical, of course) and am filling them will all sorts of little things, and a gift card to Target as well.
* came home to check email - have received 4 e-cards so far...LOVE that!

On the schedule for the rest of the day:
* get Christmas tree and decorations out, up and working
* clean the boy's room out, putting toys in their rightful place for easier locating later on (we have lost Sally and Doc from the Cars collection...I know they're in the wrong place, and we need to find them)
* make sure my dress and shoes are ready for tonight. No, not a hot date - we couldn't get a sitter...but many of the cast members from the show are going to sing for a sorority party - then we'll go out for a gathering afterwards - Shannon's part of the group too, so we can both celebrate, lol!
* get something out for supper (since we're not going out!)
* start getting serious about cleaning this house up! Sue and Donna are coming out to visit next week (YEAH!!!!!), but the condition of my house is less then desirable (that's what happens when you're gone every night for almost a month, lol).

So...I need to get off this blog and get to work!!!


Heidi said...


Roland said...

Happy Birthday!
Love your printer- that is a really nice one!
Michele sent me to wish you also, many happy returns,

Scott B. said...

Happy birthday!!!

Christy said...

I'm sorry! You're birthday's exactly one month after my dad's and one day before my mom's, which means her and Sandra share a birthday! Tell Sandra I said Happy Birthday!

Love the printer! :)