Saturday, January 12, 2008

Exercise: Week 1 recap

I didn't bother posting any more about my exercising on DDR, simply because we had some things going on (dental appointments) that got in the way of daily exercise. But here's the recap:

4 days exercised
20 minutes a day (except on Thursday, when I hit the wrong button and ended up going another 10 minutes because I didn't want to lose all the info on the exercise I HAD already done!)
9.5 miles "jogged" total
550 calories burned
105 songs played

I think that's pretty darned good - I exercised for over 1 1/2 hours this week (which for me is AMAZING!)...and burned a decent amount of calories. I was impressed by the "miles jogged" don't think you move that much, but you do!

I like that this workout mode on DDR saves all the stuff you've done and does cumulative totals as well. Since it doesn't physically weigh you, you have to enter your weight in as you go. I'm only going to that weekly...I think it's self-defeating to get on the scale every day! Next week, I'm increasing to 30 minutes daily. I don't know whether I've lost any weight or not, but I FEEL better.

This morning, Scott came in from the gym while I was doing my workout. I think he saw that it really IS a great workout. **Lauren and Alex - watch out....I might be REALLY good on DDR by the time we get to Pittsburgh again!!!**

And the best part? I'm having FUN. I really feel like going upstairs and doing it AGAIN, lol!!!!


Sue said...

I am glad you are enjoying DDR -- Great job -- keep it up!!!

Berry Patch said...

You are making me want to break out my dance mat again! :-) Good job!