Wednesday, January 09, 2008

meant to post...

these pictures several days ago, but keep forgetting.

Just fun photos I've been taking!

This is Otis - the stray who hangs out on our deck...well, we THINK he's a stray, though he seems well-fed and he is declawed. That's just mean to let a declawed cat hang outside. He's very skittish - particularly if he sees Scotty in the house or area. But if no kids are around, he'll walk in the house and check it out.

The other critters around our house. Blue Jays and Squirrels. We have 3 squirrels who hang out and eat the breadcrusts we throw out for the birds. The jays can scare the squirrels away, though!

Here's a decent closeup of Mr. Jay. Sue - I took this sitting on the floor right by the window, he's on the far rail closest to the playhouse...I sat there for 20 minutes trying to shoot jays and squirrels!!!

This is Mr. Jay in flight. I was shooting on continuous, but didn't have the camera set on action, so instead of catching a GOOD shot, I got the blur...but I still think it's pretty cool!

And one of the squirrels...just a sliding glass between us! Click on the can see such great detail on all of them!!!


Basement Stamper said...

that looks like my cat reincarnated!!! She died in July and she looked just like that and was declawed as well (she was an indoor cat). Seeing that picture makes me miss her a lot!

Berry Patch said...

Very cool shots! Great job capturing them.