Monday, February 11, 2008


The sequence numbers came out for the March promotion list, and finally, FINALLY, Scott's number came up and he'll be promoted to CW3!!!!! When we was selected for promotion, it was almost a year ago! We've been waiting and waiting...and for whatever reason, the Army decided to promote the same amount of people every month.

What stinks is that some of the folks that were in Scott's WOBC class are not in this month's selection...about 10 of them. I had thought they were promoting by date of rank, but I guess not....

But still - next month, March 1st, Scott is officially a Chief Warrant Officer 3 - considered to be a Senior Warrant Officer!!!!


LoveMyTanker said...

Many congrats!! My neighbor recently made CW3 also - he was overseas during his promotion, but his wife and I had a beer on the porch to celebrate for him and for her! :)

De'Etta said...

Congrats to Scott!