Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The hairball that ate my vacuum...

I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of it. The downfall of having a girl with long hair, I suppose. I never considered that hair could take the vacuum down!

I have a Swivel Sweeper, and I do "maintenance" on it regularly. Maintenance means cutting all the long blondish-brown hairs off the brushes in order to get it to keep sweeping. This has to be done about 1-2 times a month for best sweeper performance. (but on a side note, I've had my Swivel Sweeper for 1 1/2 years and it's not died or required replacement parts yet, so maintenance is a good thing!)

Today, I was doing the "major maintenance" vacuuming...that means pulling out all the tools, getting under the couch (and pulling it out is NOT easy, since it's a double-reclining La-Z-Boy). I had the upholstery tool out to vacuum the couch...and I had to stop after every section of every cushion to pick off the hair. Tons of it. Everywhere. As I was running the nozzle under the couch, I heard a clunk...then a whizzzzzz...then the unmistakable whistle of the hose being jammed up (I know this sound, I sucked up a sock once - BY ACCIDENT!). Time to stop, disconnect the hose, and hope for the best. When I disconnected the hose from the body, tons of dust fell out...I grabbed for something...and it was and endless hairball....long, blondish-brown hair....TONS of it....(oh, and a few small toy pieces got tangled in there too! Lucky for Scotty that there WAS a hairball!)

But the vacuum is purring like a kitten (a bald one)....I think I'm going to have to vacuum the couch monthly now, too.


Sue said...

Geez, Imagine if you had pets LOL -- I could swiffer my floor EVERY day and it would still have tons of cat hair and I only have one cat now -- imagine 2 cats and a dog LOL

De'Etta said...

Oh my word...I needed this laugh. Glad it all worked out.

dcrmom said...

ACK! LOL. Sounds like the drains in our bathroom. We have to clean it out regularly. It's MY hair, not my daughter's though.

Jo-Lynne (Parenting Squad)