Sunday, March 02, 2008



Wow...Scotty's four now. How can it be? How can this teeny tiny baby that I held in my arms be FOUR? Was it really FOUR years ago that he came to complete our family?
Scotty, only hours old

But yes, it has been four years. We celebrated on Saturday with a party. Scotty chose the theme "Cars". Lightning McQueen Cake by mom

We invited all the neighborhood kids (5 of them!) and our best friends Ashlyn and Alyssa. It was a pretty laid back party. The kids came over at 12:30 and we had pizza. Then we played "pin the car on the bulleye (hey, it WAS a Cars party after all!). After that, we had cake and raspberry sherbet, then opened presents. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day outside, so we all headed outside to play and have some fun in the sun (as a side note, we have pretty much experienced ALL FOUR seasons within 24 hours: summer and 70's yesterday, and rain, thunder, hail and soon....SNOW today...the temp this morning was 65, and currently it's 37 and dropping....sigh)

There's not a lot to be said, but I can share so much more in photos!

Excited about the cake!



And speaking of blowing....what's a gorgeous day without bubble-blowing?
Scotty gets a good line of bubbles!

Hannah blows bubbles...and it was windy (see her hair blowing back!)

I love this shot because you can see the bubbles POPPING!

What happens when you blow bubbles into the wind....they POP in your face!

Scotty, the Scooter Man. Handsome. Cute. MINE.

Isn't she just GORGEOUS? The dimples. The new teeth. The lightly wavy hair (from sleeping with braids in!), mussed in the wind. BEAUTIFUL. SWEET. MINE.


Scott B. said...

Excellent photos!!!

HotMama Mathe said...

Wow! that cake was awesome! and I could see from your face that you were as excited as your bday celebrator. Enjoy them while they are still completely yours. Ten years from now you will will have to share them with their boyfriend and girlfriend - something that I dread, personally.

Anyway, thanks for your comment on my Bond post, Linda.

Sue said...

And MINE!!! :) Wonderful pics -- any chance you can share full glory ones wit me :)

SB said...

1. your kids are the 2nd cutest kids I know. I just wanna eat 'em up!!!

2. You are digging that camera, aren't ya?

Kim Ketusky said...

Hey! Those ARE cute kids! Happy Birthday (belated) Scotty! I remember going to visit you in the hospital. Doesn't seem like 4 year at all. My "baby" will be six in about 8 weeks! NO WAY!
Love the photos. What kind of camera do you have now? Do share!

**"Liza"** said...

Ohh your son is adorable and I'm sure he enjoyed his birthday. Gessh amazing how temperature change in 24 hours. Like ours here yesterday it very nice we even went out and played but today is freezing "well at least for me". Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, i really appreciate it.. ;)

Heidi said...

What fun! My littler little guy will be five his next birthday... the time does indeed fly. Enjoy!

De'Etta said...

Sweet photos of the bubble photos too. They grow up too fast.

Lightening said...

What an awesome cake!!!! My son turned 4 in December and he had a Lightning McQueen cake but I made a racetrack and just bought a toy Lightning McQueen to sit on top. Nothing like what you achieved!!! :)

rennratt said...

What an awesome day!

It's in the 70s here, with t-storms projected for tonight.

Hopefully, snow will NOT follow!

Christine (aka YoungMommy) said...

What a fun time! And, that cake is beautiful! Isn't it so much fun to create such a masterpiece?

Christy said...

Love the pictures! Can't believe Scotty's 4!! Happy Belated birthday to him!

ROFL on the 4 seasons, I soooo know that about Ks! So many states try to make that claim, but Kansas is special there for sure! LOL

It looks like you guys had a great day celebrating Scotty's birth!

God Bless

LoveMyTanker said...

Gorgeous kids, awesome cake! Looks like everyone had so much fun and that is the name of the game!!

Christine said...

Ahh! I missed a birthday post! Happy belated!!) birthday Scotty! What a handsome four year old :)

The bubble pictures are GREAT! I love the faces they were making.

Cars is awesome - Xander is into cars also (and I don't mind sayin' I love the movie also!)

Laura VSea said...

Awww, Four year olds are the best!!
I loved the look on your daughter's face when the bubbles popped, LOL!

And that's an amazing cake!! Did you decorate it?? Whoa..

And yes, I would love any strawberry recipes you have! In fact, maybe we should have a strawberry recipe meme? With each person posting their favorite strawberry recipe? hmmm, there's a thought. Let me know what you think.. LOL
(I must be insane, two meme's in a week!)