Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Memory Monday...

On Tuesday. Yeah. I forgot.

So I leave you with a few photos I found while searching madly for some Flat Stanley pictures that were lost on my computer (the Flat Stanley and Flat Micaela tales will be told later!). Quality not guaranteed on photos.

When I worked at Yahoo, circa 2000. Yes, LONG hair

Taken for the directory at Steven's Creek in 2002
Look at that little peanut!!!

When I worked at Pagenet, 1999 - hair was growing

Yahoo's Christmas Party 1999

Easter in Evans, GA, 2002 - Scott had a gig at 1st Presbyterian...
that explains the fancy duds on him!

Me and my Kiki, circa 1970

Me and my friend Sandy M., circa 1978 or 79

one of only 9 wedding pictures that came out half decently
we had the WORST wedding photographer!
Circa 11/1998


Bob-kat said...

Great pics! I especially like the one from your wedding - you looked beautiful in your dress. What a shame you were let down by your photographer but I'm glad you got this one. It's lovely.

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing those. I absolutely LOVE your look with long hair! :)

Sue said...

I love seeing all those pics -- brings back memories :) Word veri -- uaska -- LOL -- uaska, itelya

Suzanne said...

What great pictures! Wow, isn't it amazing how time flies? I didn't really think Augusta was that long ago, but just take a look at Hannah! We got there in 2002, probably just a bit after you.

I may just have to steal your idea and put up some pics of my own.

(And thanks for the info on your overseas move. I can't believe how long you waited for your stuff! And you had to fly with the kids by yourself?? Ouch.)

Heidi said...

Fun photos! So glad that you shared. Too bad about the wedding photographer, though. (We had a really talented photographer... but he lost a whole "clip" of photos and we were very disappointed.) Sucks to have a wedding memory like that, huh? At least it does nothing to affect the marriage!!!

Have a great rest of your week!

Sara said...


Thanks for visiting my blog...I was thrilled when I read your comment to find that I was Michele's SOTD.

So, you knit, too...I also quilt - do you?

I see you don't live in NE anymore! It is so pretty up here - we had snow yesterday!!!

Sara said...

P.S. I hit send too soon - love these photos - lots of memories - I can tell. Isn't it fun to look back on life...