Sunday, March 09, 2008

Six Degrees of Blogeration....

You know the theory...that you're connected to everyone in varying degrees of knowledge....up to 6 degrees? And the whole "Kevin Bacon" six degrees theory (that you can connect to Kevin Bacon somehow, some way, within 6 degrees...I'm your connection now, lol...but I'll have to explain THAT connection later)

Anyway...there was a comment on my post about my friend Cindy...from a friend in my past. As with most things military, you make friends, you bond over common interests, and then you move on...and sometimes, you forget about people you knew. NOT because you didn't care, but because sometimes, you just have to live in the present and form friendships where you are. You know...bloom where you're planted. Because if you aren't tying to enjoy the garden where you have been planted, your roots will never form deeply, because you'll always be reaching out and not forming the bonds you need to survive where you are.

But I love how my friend came to "blog surfing". She was over at the blog of one of her friends. Somehow, she ended up finding my blog through her friend. I was trying to figure out how she got me. This is as near as I can figure. I visited my friend Kim's blog (she's a new blogger, by the way, so if you want to give her some blog love, click on the link in the sidebar - Ketchup), and then followed the link on one of her comments. This was Sharon...and apparently, Sharon is a friend of Suzanne's...and even though I SAW pictures and comments from Suzanne, I did not recognize her! But she somehow remembered me.

I was happy to spend the better part of an hour reading her blog and getting caught up with her life. And now, I have TWO Suzannes listed on my Blogroll!!!

Six degrees indeed. Amazing how you can find out your connection to others!

** Kevin Bacon Connection....

My sister knew a man named Brad Delp, who was the lead singer for a Beatles' cover band called BeatleJuice. (Brad also sang with the band, Boston, if you're familiar with them). Apparently, Kevin Bacon was a good friend of Brad's. Thus my connection: My sister, Brad, Kevin....and so, if you "know" me, you have your connection!)

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Laura said...

Every tiime I read stories like this, I can't help thinnking, once again, how the internet has made the world a little bit smaller for each of us. ;)