Wednesday, April 16, 2008

bargain, anyone?

I went to Pier 1 yesterday. They had 90% off their Easter things. I spent a total of $31.22...take the $2.12 off (7.3% tax) and it was less than $30.

For 30 bucks I got:

13 Li Bien eggs. For those of you unfamiliar with Pier 1, Li Bien is a Chinese word meaning "inside"...thus, these eggs are painted on the INSIDE. They are very delicate eggs and come with a small stand. The egg itself is mouth-blown glass. They come in a very nice, solid presentation box that is padded to protect the egg. I got 10 of the "chick" eggs, and 3 of the "bunny" eggs. They will make nice gifts next year for friends...perhaps as prizes for Bunco or other raffle prizes. The original price for these was $8...EACH. I got them for 78 cents each.

12 miniature snow globes. These were $3.50 each originally. They rang up at 28 cents apiece. Again, nice raffle or prize. Maybe even a goodie bag item for Hannah's birthday.

5 glass frames 5 x 7. They are just glass, no outside frame. They clip on all 4 sides. These are great for showcasing scrapbooking items. There may be a few Christmas presents in these! Originally $3, paid $1.88 apiece. That was my biggest expenditure!

11 packages of Easter sidewalk chalk. These contain 4 molded pieces in various Easter shapes. Each package was originally $2.50, but they rang up at 18 cents each. So...for less than the original price of ONE, I got ELEVEN. I don't care if they're Easter designs, chalk is chalk is chalk, right?

2 packages of wooden spinning tops. There are 5 in each package. Goodie bags, no doubt. 48 cents per package...original price? $5.00.

2 absolutely GORGEOUS glass eggs...wonderfully ornate with glitter and BLING. One is chartreuse (my favorite color lately), and the other is purple (my all time favorite color!)'s like these eggs were left there especially for me. Each egg was 38 cents...originally priced at $4.50. These are pretty enough to hang on a Christmas tree. I seriously doubt anyone would say "hey, are those EASTER eggs in your Christmas tree?" (except all of you readers, of course, who now know where they will be!)

Then there was the FLOCKED ornamental eggs. These are heavy (read: NOT made of plastic) and flocked in a soft velvety covering. They are really quite ornamental, like lace. I emptied the basket, because they were so pretty. There were 15 total...three blue, 6 fuchsia, and 6 more in that wonderful chartreuse! Once again, these will make great gifts, perhaps package toppers, or even more ornaments for my tree! These were originally $2.00 apiece, but rang up at 18 cents.

I think that these were fantastic bargains, and I will be able to use them. And hey, maybe if you're nice and ask me sweetly, something will find its way to you!


Heather said...

wow, good bargain hunting. I look forward to being in a house not an apartment with actual storage space so I can start shopping for good deals like this again. The inside painted eggs sound really pretty.

Berry Patch said...

WOW - I love deals like this! :-)

Suzanne said...

I absolutely love to hear about people getting great bargains. That is so awesome!! Your purchases sound absolutely gorgeous.

Sue said...

Perhaps I need to take a trip to my local Pier 1 hummmmm -- I am looking forward to getting one of those 5 x 7 frames LOL -- and here I was proud of saving over 50% at Walgreens this week (I hate to shop there since they never have anything that is advertised but I spoke up and got my darned rainchecks this time)

Kim said...

Nice going, Linda. I may have to stop by there this weekend. I've got to do some birthday shopping for my little one.