Monday, April 28, 2008

Ooooh....a FUN one!

From Heidi, over at Heidi's Moments:

My roommate and I once:
got into a fight and he pushed me out the window (he also didn't STAY my roommate after that...oh, and he was SUCH a weenie, and a wimp, too....I wouldn't have fallen out the window, except they were HUGE floor to ceiling windows (in an old house, so they were like 9 foot windows!) and they were wide open. The screen didn't stop me from falling, either)

Never in my life have I: broken a bone

High school was: hard...but I wouldn't change's what made me who I am today

When I am nervous I: get nauseous

My hair is: going gray...sigh.

When I was 5: I loved to pick strawberries in my uncle's garden

By this time next year: I will probably be tearing my hair out wondering why I volunteered to be the registration co-chair for OCSC AND the Creative Arts chair for MOPS, AND the newsletter editor for MOPS, AND the coffee group treasurer/roster manager AND whatever else I'll managed to get myself into.

I have a hard time understanding: how people can be so ignorant and narrow-minded about people who are different from them...whether it's race, religion, physical or mental ability...we are all in this world together, and you need to learn to judge not by what you see, but by what you know to be.

You know I like you if: I invite you over to my house and don't apologize for the mess. That means I'm very comfortable with you!

My ideal breakfast is: OUT...slow, quiet and thoroughly enjoyed because I won't have to clean up or worry about burning the bacon, making watery pancake batter, messing the omlet flip....

If you visit my hometown: you will be surprised to see that I tell the truth when I say you can walk across a big bridge and be in another country! AND you can stop, while on that bridge, and place your feet on either side of the International border, and be in two countries at once!

If you spend the night at my house: I will give you my bed because there is no place else to sleep...I'll sleep on the air mattress

My favorite blonde is: well, two of them...Scotty and Hannah!

My favorite brunette is: my hubby (he is hunky!)... 'cept that he does not have much hair anymore, but I don't mind! (I'll have to DITTO you on this one, Heidi!)

The animal I would like to see flying is: a Pegasus...because that would mean they are REAL!!!

I shouldn’t: be so snappish all the time. 'nuff said.

Last night I: ate Chinese, read to Hannah, read several chapters in "The Yada Yada Prayer Group" (again, because I LOVE that series!), and fell asleep

If I could have any car it would be: a 2009 (since 2008 models are almost obsolete, anyway) fully loaded Chrysler Town and Country...though I love my Kia if the Sedona came with all the bells and whistles that the T&C has, well, I'd take that!


Janet said...

Oooh, it's like my Friday Fill-Ins, only much longer!

Did you hurt yourself when you fell out the window?

Hi, Michele sent me :-)

Heidi said...

I was also wondering how far up the window was that you fell out... OUCH!

Fun and good answers! I should have put down my two little boys for my favorite blondes, too. (You were a good mom and remembered your kids!!! Ha ha!) And it was funny that you could say the same about your husband... I am sure many women can relate! ;-)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Bubblehead said...

Nice Meme, always fun to learn a little about random strangers. Thanks for sharing.

Michele sent me.

Laura said...

Great meme! I've never broken a bone, either.

And the roomate pushed you out the window and you didn't break a bone? LOL (a good thing, I might add...).

My hair is, it went gray also. Arrrgh!