Friday, April 04, 2008


Last week (or was it the week before? I forget....see post below called Live much?) several band spouses went to the zoo...(it WAS 2 weeks ago...during spring break...NOW I remember). We had a grand time. The zoo here in Manhattan is not very big. There are no LARGE animals like lions, elephants or giraffes. But they do have snow leopards, lots of birds and a few tigers. There really are a lot of animals there. This is only the 2nd time we've gone to the zoo. We went when we first got here, in the dead heat of the summer (it was in the 100's), and found our zoo to be lacking. But I decided to give it another shot.

We met up with Eileen and her girls, Ginny, Randy and their boys, and Kim, George and their boys. It was all quite fun. Hannah loves when she gets to be with Eileen's girls, because the younger one, Sarina is her age! (we'd had a long drought of having girls the same age in the units we've been with!) And the older girl, Tessa, is really sweet and hangs with the younger girls. The rest of the crew was boys, boys, boys....

One thing we discovered at the zoo: When you are in front of the bear pen, you can look out over the fence and see Famous Dave's....and Target...and Arby's....which means you can practically see our house. The water tower near the park has the City of Manhattan logo on it as well as the Sunset Zoo logo. It was Scotty's discovery that we can see the water tower...and now, every time he sees it, he says, "Hey mommy, it's da zoo waddeh toweh (r's are hard to come by with him).

So, as usual, I took lots of photos...and I thought I'd share some with you.

Sarina and Hannah check out the chimpanzees.

This is the matriarch of the zoo...though I don't remember her name.
she just sat in the bucket...

Scotty poses with a sculpture...of course, he had the baby chimp by the head!

The black swan

I spent the better part of 20 minutes chasing peacock and peahens around to get pictures.
This one obliged me quite nicely.

I got up close and personal with a flamingo. I could have reached out and touched him.
I just kept shooting away. The lady in the purple behind him was amazed afterwards. She couldn't believe how close we were...I thought he was going to peck at me!

Hannah stops long enough to grace me with a "vampire" smile...check the fangs!
This is Sarina. She sports the "vampire" look too. When she and Hannah got together, it was like they'd been friends forever. I like friends like that!

This is Tessa. She has a ready smile and has the prettiest golden highlights in her spun gold!

Another shot of Hannah, posing after all our walking.

Where are the pictures of Scotty, you ask? Well, most looked like this:

I can't tell you why he was pouting...but he was....


Shephard said...

We have a big ole zoo in LA, and it's no fun to visit because you can't actually see the animals half the time. Sometimes,smaller zoos are better. :)

Michele sent me to say, "Nice Flamingo."

~S :)

Laura said...

No, it's not you. (per your comment on my site) LOL.

See? I can leave a comment by using the Name/URL option, which is GREAT!
boy howdee, that's a relief.

(I have no idea why I'm saying boy howdee tonight. It's been that kinda week....)

And boy, that big ol monkey momma is hilarious! Love the way she sits there, staring back at you like that.

I'll bet the kiddos had a great time at the zoo, except for ol' Scotty. Ain't he a character! LOL! But, no matter. My kids used to look like that after long excursions at times.

And some days, so did I.

laura vegas said...

love that picture of the chimpanzee in the bucket! my youngest just did a report about chimpanzee's ... so i know more about them than i ever wanted too! lol! lots of fun photos!

Suzanne said...

Sounds like fun! I really miss band wives. By the end of our Georgia tour we had huge, whole family baby showers, girls' nights out, BBQs at various people's houses, and it was so much fun. I also miss the 4th of July concert/fireworks where we'd all sit together up by the stage...and the Halloween parties! It's so boring out here, there is no such thing as being social with band people. It's such a bummer. I hope Hawaii is better in that respect. I'm really glad you have band wife friends and that your kids can be friends with band kids.

Kim said...

Hey! Love the zoo pictures, especially the flamingo one! And Hannah? Man...she's growing up fast! So beautiful.:)

Bob-kat said...

It sounds like a nice little zoo. As Shepard says it can be hard to get close to animals at big zoos and some of the smaller animals are just as fascinating. I can't believe how close you got to that flamingo! It sounds like you had a good day on the whole though, despite the pouting! :)