Friday, May 16, 2008

Hitting on me...

I use statcounter to track my know...where people are coming from, how long they stay, how many visitors I have. Mostly for my own purposes, but it's fun to see these things in print.

***Since I've started this blog, I've had 16,534 visits. That's pretty decent, I think!

***I checked my "keyword analysis", too. This tells me what words people were googling and how they ended up on my blog. Right now, the whole "prom dress" thing is my biggest hit. Out of 81 recent searches, there were 55 hits for something related to that prom dress.

There were a few really odd ones this time around too:

Who would actually search out the term PORNADO? I thought it was just a totally mispronounced term from a 4 year old....but apparently it's a term for when you click on something (in email or on a webpage) and you get blasted with porn. Huh...had THAT happen to me when I worked at of the cleaning folks used my PC to surf porn, but must have gotten caught in a was U-GLY. Luckily, they caught the guy on camera, and he lost his job...and we were all reminded to be sure to boot down our PC's before we left work!

festus cheese was from an odd meme that I did for my friend Renn (see link to Rennratt over on the right). I don't even KNOW why anyone would google that.

zoo bee doo

uh...that was a title for a post about going to the zoo. interesting.....

***Of the last 76 unique searches, 70 of them came through Google.
***Of the last 314 visitors, 237 stayed for less than 5 seconds (I'm going to go out on a limb and say most are just Entrecard droppers who just drop and leave...can't say bad things about them because quite frankly, most of the blogs I "drop" on I don't stay long either)...but 59 have stayed for longer than an hour (wow!)
***53 people visit my blog on a regular basis (more than 3 visits recently)
***most of my visitors come from the USA, with "unknowns" in 2nd place, Philippines in 3rd place and Canada in 4th place....I have visitors from all over, though. Peru, Bolivia, India, France, Germany, Morocco, Indonesia....I think that's pretty neat.
***the most popular city visitor out of 500 is Shawnee, Oklahoma. hmmmm....I am not sure I even know anyone there, but it is quite possible that's where the server is...not where the person is! I know that MY visits often show out of Texas (heck, that Shawnee could be ME...using my blog to visit my commenters). Some of the interesting cities listed: Makati, Manila (Philippines); Shannon, County Clare (Ireland); Utrecht, Utrecht (Netherlands); Vila Nova De Gaia, Porto (Portugal)
***Browsers....hmmmmm, here's an INTERESTING one...Firefox is the more popular browser. IE7 is close behind, but Firefox leads. I personally use Firefox...I like it better, but Scott likes IE7, so we have 2 browsers on our PC.

So, there's a look at who is hitting on me....hope you like visiting!


SB said...

you're so lucky. My Counter has been off since I don't know KNOW I am a techno-nothing, so I just let it go.

I wish I had your tech experience.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE FIREFOX!! And since we can't technically install it on our laptops at school, I have a portable version saved to my USB drive, so I can use Firefox wherever I go.

rennratt said...

I'm (obviously) one of your NC hits; I probably track out of Ft. Bragg or a surrounding town.

The OK hit may be one of my friends. Nooze's Godmother lives there.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Hmmm....I wonder if my counter could tell me any of these stats. I shall have to check. LOL

rashbre said...

Always interesting to know who has dropped b! I saw you'd been over to rashbre central so I thought I'd repay the visit!