Monday, June 30, 2008


A new term I THOUGHT I coined today. A ONE DAY VACATION - DAYCATION. (apparently, someone else thought of it, too...but hey, it's not WIDELY in use, yet!) Scott had a comp day (read: day off for working on weekends, for those non-mil folk!), so we took the kids to swim lessons together (Scott took pictures!).

Hannah swims on a flutter board, practicing side-glide kicks

Hannah on the return trip

Scotty swims underwater, without anyone holding him!
(his goal is to swim to my hand, which moves back, lol!)

Scotty practices jumping off the side of the pool.
(I can't talk him into jumping FEET first...he tries to
jump straight into my arms!)

After lunch we decided to go to the Beach Museum of Art here at K-State. Unfortunately, the museum is closed Mondays (and usually, that's when comp days come, sigh). So, what to do? Nice warm day, but Scott's not a pool rat, so he didn't want to go swimming...I suggested going to Wamego to the tourist Museum, but he didn't want to go there. So, we headed to Abilene to the Eisenhower Museum. We'd done Truman on our trip to KC, so why not Eisenhower in our backyard?

(Museum and Eisenhower home on museum from the web, not mine)

Nice little trip. The kids were not too bad, though Scotty wanted to do a RUN-THROUGH, not walk through. By the time we were done, it was almost 4:30 and the kids were cranky and hungry. So we decided to do Cracker Barrel (no, NOT a Weight Watchers friendly restaurant, but OH, SO GOOD!). On our way back, we rolled into Chapman.

Whoa. Chapman was hit by the same tornado that hit Manhattan. I thought the devastation in Manhattan was bad. Chapman....yikes. There are NO words to accurately describe it. You come into town and all seems well, then you see utter devastation. Now...the tornado strength was only EF3 in did not level any building down to the foundation. But it ripped through the center of this small town of about destroyed ALL THREE schools...the elementary and middle schools were right in the path....right on Main Street. The high school was a few blocks west...and it was hit too.

Houses still stand...with big orange "X" on the sides where they were searched. It's sad. You can look into the homes, now lit with sunlight because part or all of the roofs are see living rooms strewn with furniture and though someone will come home for supper any minute now. Except, the windows and doors are gone. The, there is no way to accurately describe the way these things are stripped clean.

We only did a quick run in....but it was enough to once again be thankful to God for not having been hit by the tornado here.

We ate at Cracker Barrel and headed home. Fun Daycation. Try it some day!


Christy said...

My friend Angie lives in Chapman and 3 of my cousins went to school there (one of those cousins is now the principal of Abilene High School). Anyways the pictures Angie sent me of Chapman were devestating. It's been one of the towns we'd planned to look at buying a house at/around because it's close to post, but small town too which we love. God can do awesome things and he'll find a way for them to rebuild and bring the town back.

It's been years since we did the Eisenhower tour, if we have time I may take the kids there when I'm back in a few weeks, we'll see how time shows itself.

SB said...

have you heard the term "staycation" ? It's where you vacation close to home (within a 100 miles). That's what WE are doin'!!

Love the pictures.

Sue said...

I love my "staycations" I actually "stay" at home -- I don't get to do that often (especially alone) thus I enjoy it :)

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Sorry to burst your bubble, but out here there's an entire 90 second advertisement jingle for a nearby amusement park, and the entire jingle is based on the word "Daycation." I can't remember the rest of the words, but the next time I'm listening to the radio, I'll make sure to pay closer attention.

saintseester said...

Yes, we call that a staycation; every time we get out and explore something neat in our own back yard, we tell ourselves we must do this more often!

trying said...

sounds like a fun idea... a daycation. I love it!

and cracker barrell... mmmmmm. why must things so good be so bad for the waist line!?

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I love DAYCATION - it's a concept whose time has come. LOL