Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thematic Photgraphic - Wood

Carmi's theme this week is wood. We take wood for granted, I think. It's used in so much...and we see it in so many forms (don't forget, paper is technically made of wood - I know, I'm from a papermill town!)

I took this picture during my photography class. We were talking about lighting - the difference between back, front and side lighting. I remember one girl saying she couldn't remember the I told her "the easiest way to remember is by thinking about where the light hits. If the light hits on the back, your object is back-lighted". I was pretty pleased when the photography instructor used that in the next class, as a few other folks had the same problem. Anyway...I digress.

This piece of wood was photographed at Marlatt Park. As is typical in Kansas, they burn the prairies in the spring in order to encourage the growth of Big Bluestem (or Tallgrass) for grazing. Because Marlatt Park is a nature park/trail, they burned it as well. I was fascinated by the burn patterns on this piece of wood. I did photograph it back lit, front lit and side lit...but this picture was the best.


Carmi said...

There's such depth to the patterns - both light and dark - on the surface of this charred piece of wood. I never considered shooting burned wood before, but you've opened my eyes to the possibilities.

Thanks to outside-the-box thinking like yours, I'm really loving this theme. Thanks!

Carol said...

that's a neat picture Linda... what a novel idea for the wood theme.... i enjoyed.

Jessica said...

I totally have to do this now! This looks so fun! I will find some wood pic opportunities and post them. Thanks for sharing Carmi's blog with us. I have family in Toronto. Small world! Anyways, off to view my world through a lens. HUGS!

saintseester said...

I would love to take a good photography course. I just wing it. A little study would do me some good.

Jude said...

Great idea for the theme. Love the patterns burnt into the wood - looks really dramatic.

smarmoofus said...

I almost photographed burnt wood, but I couldn't get a shot to satisfy me. Well done. My only question is, why was that wood there, do you suppose? It seems out of place, unless a wider view of the area would reveal some trees as a source?