Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thematic Photographic - Automotive

Carmi at Written, Inc. is starting a new weekly feature called Thematic Photographic. This week's theme is Automotive...anything automotive-themed (cars, trucks or with wheels and motors). So, here is my entry:

I'm sure most of you know that Scotty is a total Cars™ addict. He adores the movie, has a good many toys that are Cars™ related. He knows most by name, and if not, *I* know them, lol. Hannah is well-versed in them as well. Last Friday, we went to a local racetrack, called Whiskey Lake Raceway. The 1st Infantry Division band was playing and I thought it would be cool to take Scotty and Hannah to a REAL race, even if it was dirt track and Funny cars. When we got there, Scotty was enthralled by this car. He knew immediately it was "Doc"...a Hudson Hornet! We went to it and the gentleman who owned it was gracious and allowed the kids to get in the car and even honk the horn. Here are Hannah and Scotty posing in front of "Doc":

Here is Scotty "driving" the Hudson Hornet. He would have spent all day in the car had we not told him to let other kids in!


saintseester said...

Vwry cute. I think it is adorable how kids will completely immerse themselves in something like Cars. My son loved trains. He could have told you anything about any sort of rail car.

Janet said...

wow, that's quite a car! Hi, Michele sent me :-)

creme brulee aka GH said...

i enjoyed your entry for carmi's theme. my dad had a similar car behind our barn; he said if i ever got it running it was mine. now i wish i had tried harder.

cheers, gah

Barb said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your picture reminds me of my Grandpa's car that my Daddy used to pick up Mom for their dates. It's good to see the old cars are still around to charm young and old.

Carmi said...

OMG, what an experience that must have been for them! Thanks so much for playing along with Thematic Photographic. I have no idea where it'll end up, but I'm looking forward to the journey all the same.

A cool is that!